Jiroch-Reslia was a planet in the Yushan sector of the Mid Rim. It was the homeworld of the Tunroth, a relatively primitive species of hunters.

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Jiroch-Reslia joined the Galactic Republic in around 9000 BBY. The Tunroth settled two other planets in their star system, Kalok and Saloch, forming a system government known as the Triumvirate. Despite this, their technology and weaponry remained largely traditional.

Around 10 BBY, the planet was invaded by the Lortan Fanatics during the Reslian Purge. Millions of Tunroth lives were lost and the species was only saved from annihilation by the Galactic Empire's military intervention. Numerous Imperial Military units, including the 37th Imperial Fighter Wing and the 291st Legion Dalisor of the Stormtrooper Corps, fought on the planet.

The Imperial intervention ensured Jiroch-Reslia's loyalty to the Empire, but it did join the New Republic in later years.

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