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"Master Sev, come in. Something…horrible has happened."
"You've been betrayed. You're one of us now, Jedi—an unwanted outcast."
―Joc Sah and Gaan[src]

Joc Sah was a Human male Jedi Padawan who served as a commander during the Clone Wars. In the war's final year, Sah and his Jedi Master, Sev, were dispatched to the Outer Rim planet Ragmar V, which was considered to be a vital staging world for a planned assault on a Separatist base. Sah and a squad of clone troopers traveled to the planet's surface to secure an outpost, but after their gunship was destroyed, Sah and his soldiers confronted the nearby settlement's leader, Gaan, and his group of outcasts. As Sah and Gaan prepared to fight each other, Clone Sergeant Remy was commanded by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to execute Order 66, an order that branded the Jedi Knights as traitors to the Republic. Sah was immediately attacked by Remy and the members of the squad, and Sah temporarily joined forces with Gaan and eliminated the troopers. When Sah realized that he had been betrayed by the Republic, he allied with Gaan and his fellow pariahs in order to combat the detachment of clones that had been sent to ensure Sah's demise.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Ragmar V is a vital staging planet for the upcoming assault on the Separatist base. A victory would turn the tide in this war. You must secure an outpost, Joc."
"I know…I was just hoping for some real action for my first solo mission."
"Sometimes the smallest fights become the biggest battles. Stay on your guard."
―Sah and Sev discuss the mission to Ragmar V[src]

Joc Sah, a Human male, was born during the final decades of the Galactic Republic. He was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order, and as a Padawan, he eventually came under the tutelage of the Weequay Jedi Master Sev.[1] When the Clone Wars were initiated in 22 BBY,[2] Sah became a commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, and helped lead the clone forces alongside his Master. In 19 BBY, Sah and Sev traveled to Ragmar V, a planet in the Outer Rim Territories which was viewed to be an essential staging world for a planned Republic assault on a Separatist base. Sah was instructed by Sev to take a squad of clones, land on the planet's surface, and secure an outpost. Sah, accompanied by Clone Sergeant Remy and other troopers, entered Ragmar V's atmosphere aboard a LAAT/i gunship. He conversed with Sev, stating that he had hoped for a more active mission for his first task on his own; however, Sev warned the Padawan to stay alert, stating that on occasion the most minor fights became the largest battles.[1]

Joc Sah and Gaan charge the clone troopers.

After landing on a cliff and disembarking, Sah was informed by Remy of a settlement a few klicks from their location. However, the ship was destroyed by a rocket fired from the village, and Sah and his troops descended from the cliff in order to confront the villagers. As they approached the town, Sah ordered Remy to split the soldiers and secure the flanks while he spoke with the settlement's leader,[3] Gaan.[4] The leader stated that the Republic was unwelcome on the planet, and Sah replied that there was an assault ship that countered Gaan's argument. As the two prepared to fight each other, Remy received a directive from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine commanding him to execute Order 66, which labeled the Jedi Knights as traitors to the Republic. Sah was attacked by Remy and the clones, and he ordered them to cease firing as he took cover in a nearby building. Sah was soon joined by Gaan, who was also attacked by the clones, and the Padawan attempted to reach Sev, who had been executed, over his comlink. When Gaan asked Sah to temporarily ally with him in order to eliminate the clones, Sah accepted and helped him to defeat the soldiers.[1]

After defeating the troops, Sah openly questioned why the clones had attacked him and tried once more to reach Sev over his comlink. Gaan replied that he had been betrayed and that he was now in Gaan's and his group's position of being an outcast. Sah accepted Gaan's offer of friendship, warning him that the clones would send more troops against the settlement. When a detachment of troopers landed on the surface to ensure Sah's death, the Padawan and Gaan engaged the soldiers in battle.[1] Both Sah and Gaan managed to survive the battle and staged a number of hit-and-run attacks against the clones.[3]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"The enemy of your enemy is your friend. We're all you've got now."
"They'll be sending troops…more than we can handle."
"Do we look the type that run away from a fight?"
―Sah and Gaan[src]

The Human male Joc Sah wore a set of brown Jedi robes and owned a lightsaber containing a green crystal. He was eager to fight in the more major battles of the Clone Wars and initially wished that his first solo mission involved more action. He was confident that he and his forces would be able to conquer Gaan's settlement and was shocked when the clones betrayed and attacked him. Sah was at first hesitant to ally himself with Gaan and his people, but accepted Gaan's offer of friendship after coming to the realization that the Republic had betrayed him.[1]

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Joc Sah was skilled in using a lightsaber during combat, using it to deflect blaster fire. He was also skilled in using the Force to move objects, such as when he redirected a thermal detonator back at the clone troopers who attacked him.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Joc Sah was introduced in the short comic book story The Order of Outcasts, which was one of four stories compiled in the fifth volume of the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures trade paperbacks. The character was created by Matt Jacobs and drawn by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach.[1] Although only his first name is given in the comic itself, the back cover of Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 5 identifies him as "Joc Sah." Sah later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, which states that the Padawan, Gaan, and the other criminals fled into the desert after fleeing Remy and his troops. This contradicts the information given in The Order of Outcasts, which depicts the characters as staying in the village after defeating Remy's clones, then preparing for the clone detachment sent to eliminate Sah.

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