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A Jogan fruit

Jogan fruit was a round, purple fruit with white wavy vertical stripes and topped with small wine red leaves. Round green leaves could also appear on the sides of the fruit and its inner juices were orange. It was an edible fruit that was often used in cooking such as Jogan fruit cake. The fruit is widespread through the galaxy from Coruscant to Felucia. It was also found in the swamps of Rodia.



A canister of jogan fruit

During a banquet in the honor of Senator Aang hosted by senator Padmé Amidala on Coruscant, the Jogan fruit cake was served. Since the dish was a favorite of the Senator Aang, it was vital to get the fruit on time. The protocol droid C-3PO bought a container of four jogan fruit for the occasion.

Vendors like Droogan sold the fruit on Coruscant in open market stands. Though the fruit was displayed for view it was purchased in containers.

Culinary UseEdit

Jogan fruit is the main ingredient in the pastry Jogan fruit cake where it is used as the topping in a quantity of four.



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