"Johhar Kessen is a former senator, partner. Connected all over the galaxy, and a legendary hunter to boot if you believe the stories."
―Saponza informs his partner about Kessen[3]

Johhar Kessen was a human male and the senator of the planet Dandoran during the time of the Galactic Civil War. Owing to an interest in underworld activities, he eschewed the Senate, opting instead to become a mercenary, marketing his services principally to the Galactic Empire. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Kessen was thrown into an Imperial prison to keep his people in line and the Rebel Alliance rescued him during the Battle for Tatooine with the help of the Alliance cell there.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Kessen was a human male with brown hair and brown eyes. He was a keen hunter, bribing Saponza's gang to take him on a big game hunt in return for vital information. He took an interest in underworld activities as well, which got him turning into a mercenary. He claimed to like making nicknames, calling Saponza "Sappo" at one point.[3]

Skills and abilities[]

Kessen aims with his rifle, nicknamed Karina

Kessen developed a reputation as a proficient striker, noted for his skill in dispatching infantry, vehicles, droidekas, and other heroes, though in battle, he primarily focused on eliminating enemy infantry.[3]


"That was a good warm-up for my sniper blaster, Karina. But now she needs to take down something larger."
―Senator Kessen, after killing an alpha womp rat[3]

Kessen utilised a black blaster rifle he named Karina. Karina was equipped with a magnetic pulse cannon connected to it, which fired a powerful shot capable of passing through multiple targets. Kessen usually wore beige clothing with a gray and blue vest. His shoulder pads too were gray and blue and he wore gray wrist cuffs.[3]

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Behind the scenes[]

Johhar Kessen appears in Disney Interactive's mobile strategy game Star Wars: Commander as a campaign-reward hero.



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