"If you've got a part where you're walking around with lights flashing on your head, you can't really fail, can you?"
―John Hollis[src]

John Hollis (November 12, 1927October 18, 2005) was a British actor who played Lobot in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. He played the unnamed villain (assumed to be Ernst Stavro Blofeld) in the pre-title sequence of the Bond film For Your Eyes Only (1981) and a Kryptonian elder in Superman and Superman II. He is also known to science fiction fans for his appearance as Sondergaard in the Doctor Who serial The Mutants (1972).

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  1. The John Hollis with a birth date of 12 November 1927 refers to a John Digby Hollis who died in November 2005 in the Nottinghamshire district. The actor John Hollis was born Bertie Wyn Hollis in 1927. If you do a Family Tree Search on Ancestry with that name, it'll give his date of death as 18 October 2005. Furthermore, he has two death records on Ancestry & Find My Past (one as John, the other Bertie Wyn).

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