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*''[[The Secret Journal of Doctor Demagol (article)|The Secret Journal of Doctor Demagol]]''
*''[[The Secret Journal of Doctor Demagol (article)|The Secret Journal of Doctor Demagol]]''
*''[[Knight Errant: Influx]]''
*''[[Knight Errant: Influx]]''

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John Jackson Miller is an American comic book writer and commentator, whose most notable works are the Knights of the Old Republic and Knight Errant comic series published by Dark Horse Comics. He also wrote the short story Labor Pains and co-wrote the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide.

He has edited magazines including Comics & Games Retailer, Comics Buyer's Guide, Scrye: The Guide to Collectible Card Games, and written books including The Standard Catalog of Comic Books'. He also researches comic book circulation figures on his history site, The Comics Chronicles. His first professional comics work appeared in 2003 in Crimson Dynamo for Marvel Comics, which led to a run on Iron Man. His first Star Wars work appeared in 2005 in Star Wars: Empire.

Miller also wrote the comic adaptation of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.[1]

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This image of a Galactic Republic helmsman on the Courageous, who was later retconned into Carth Onasi, was based on John Jackson Miller.

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