Join Us or Die is the fourth Force Pack of the Echoes of the Force Cycle in Star Wars: The Card Game, released on June 26, 2014.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Leader of a large band of ruthless Jawa raiders, Wittin was one of the most feared warlords to roam the Tatooine sands.

Join Us or Die reveals new depths to the power of the Force as the Echoes of the Force cycle continues to expand Star Wars™: The Card Game. New characters take their places along new versions of iconic figures such as Jedi Master Yoda. You'll gain access to powerful new strategies and opportunities in this Force Pack, whether you train in the swamps of Dagobah or pursue the second phase of the Dark trooper Project. Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance recruit the secret agent known as Winter to engage in covert espionage on Imperial activity, and Jawa raiders scour the sands of Tatooine in search of easy prey.

Card list[edit | edit source]

31. Dagobah Training Grounds
49. Hidden Outpost
514. Seeds of Decay
523. Seeds of Decay
536. Echoes of the Force
567. May the Force Be With You
568. Yoda
569. Dagobah Nudj
570. Yoda, You Seek Yoda
571. Behind Enemy Lines
572. Winter
573. Tactical Genius
574. Observation Point
575. Infiltration
576. The Second Phase
577. Dark Trooper Legion
578. Force Shield
579. Facility Repair
580. Consumed by the Dark Side
581. Reinforcements!
582. Reserve Troopers
583. Security Checkpoint
584. Award Ceremony
585. The Scavengers
586. Wittin
587. Jawa Scrap Dealers
588. Watchful Eyes

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