Join the Resistance: Escape from Vodran is the second installment in Star Wars: Join the Resistance, a series of junior novels written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. The book continues the adventures of J-Squadron, a group of young recruits in the Resistance. The novel was published by Disney–Lucasfilm Press and released on October 3, 2017.

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From the moment they landed on the swampy planet Vodran, J-Squadron's mission for Admiral Ackbar has been a disaster—and now Mattis, Lorica, AG-90, and Jo have been captured by the First Order! Can things get any worse? Of course they can: Jo immediately turns traitor and abandons his Resistance squad mates, and AG is taken away to be reprogrammed as a villainous First Order droid. Forced to rely on each other, can the squabbling Mattis and Lorica work together to escape before they are forced to give up Resistance secrets? Meanwhile, Dec and Sari land on a mysterious moon and encounter unexpected inhabitants: a group of outspoken droids and the infamous Harra the Hutt. Harra might be able to help Dec and Sari save their friends, but bargaining with a Hutt rarely goes as planned. These wannabe Resistance heroes will need quick thinking and even quicker moves if they are going to survive![1]

Continuity[edit | edit source]

Previously, Join the Resistance established that the Si'Klaata Cluster and the planet Vodran were located close to Ques, a planet in Hutt Space.[4] However, Join the Resistance: Escape from Vodran states that they are in the Outer Rim Territories, and that "Vodran isn't too near to Hutt Space." Escape from Vodran also claims that Harra the Hutt's stronghold was raided by the First Order,[1] although the previous book stated that it was abandoned during an Imperial incursion.[4]

Escape from Vodran also refers to Oddy Muva's involvement in the wedding of Snap Wexley and Karé Kun—apparently a continuity error, as Muva died in the 19th issue of Star Wars: Poe Dameron, but the wedding was not proposed and conducted until the 25th issue of the series. On Twitter, Story Group member Matt Martin addressed the conflict, saying that there was a miscommunication between creators and that he didn't know if there was two weddings or both sources retell the same wedding.[5][6]

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