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"This bickering is pointless!"
―Wilhuff Tarkin, on the Joint Chiefs' endless debates[src]

The Joint Chiefs of the Galactic Empire were members of the executive group that advised the Emperor on all martial-related matters. The cabinet was composed of the chiefs of the Imperial Army[1] and higher ranking members of the Naval chiefs.[3] Owing to the nature of their job, many were known to work closely with top officers of COMPNOR and its sub-agency the Imperial Security Bureau, Imperial Intelligence and the Naval Intelligence Agency, along with members of the Imperial Ruling Council.[1]

In 14 BBY,[7] the leading members of the organization were General Cassio Tagge, Rear Admirals Kendal Ozzel, Conan Antonio Motti and Tiaan Jerjerrod. Following shakeups in the Imperial Military, they were joined by Admiral Nils Tenant. At this time, they were joined in their meetings by several top officers from COMPNOR and the Naval Intelligence Agency.[1]

In 0 BBY,[7] General Tagge and Admiral Motti were both still members of the Joint Chiefs.[5] Before his death at the Battle of Scarif, Director Orson Krennic was present at meetings of the Joint Chiefs.[8] They were present in the Death Star's conference room for a meeting headed by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. After the station's destruction, Tagge was the only survivor of the group. Because of this, he was promoted to the rank of Grand General, which gave him supreme command of the military.[9] However, Tagge was later killed by Darth Vader because of his trust of Cylo.[10]



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