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―Esege Tuketu mourning Jojo during the battle of Doornik-319[src]

Jojo was a male pilot with the 24th Bombardment Squadron, and used the designation Red Four during the Battle of Doornik-319.[1]


Jojo's K-wing was disabled by an Ion cannon shot, forcing his weapons officer to disgorge the ship's complement of proton torpedoes. With the fighter nonetheless out of control, Jojo could not pull out of the forced dive, and the K-wing crashed into a Yevethan thrustship. Jojo was killed in the crash. Wingmate Esege Tuketu, who flew Red Leader in the battle, was stricken by the loss of Jojo, and was overcome when the fellow pilot's name was posted on the list of casualties aboard their carrier ship.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Jojo and Red Four's weapons tech were unable to act when their fighter was disabled at Doornik-319, and thus was killed when it impacted into a Yevethan vessel. Jojo was popular with other pilots, and his friend Esege Tuketu was devastated when Jojo died.[2]

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Jojo is mentioned during a battle sequence in the novel Shield of Lies by Michael P. Kube-McDowell. No information on Jojo's species or even gender is given.[2]



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