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Jok Donassius was a human male who served as a Fleet Admiral in the Galactic Empire's Imperial Navy and Imperial High Command. During his service, he held command over Admirals Durril, Kinshara, Thrawn, and their respective task forces.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Botajef incident[edit | edit source]

"Persuade them if you can. Devastate them if you have to. But stop them, one way or another. And stop them fast."
"Understood, Fleet Admiral."
―Fleet Admiral Jok Donassius and Admiral Thrawn discuss the Batonn sector insurgents[src]

Jok Donassius[2] was a human male individual[1] who held the military rank of Fleet Admiral within the Imperial Navy and the Imperial High Command of the Galactic Empire shortly prior to the battle for Botajef, when Governor Quesl and the people of Botajef declared their independence from the Galactic Empire. In the early stages of the insurgency, Admiral Donassius contacted Commodore Thrawn of the ISD Chimaera via hologram to settle the matter, preferably by persuasion and if not by utter devastation. After Donassius and Thrawn finished their conversation, Thrawn ordered Commander Karyn Faro to instruct the helm to set course for Botajef. Following Thrawn's victory at Botajef after a brief skirmish and Quesl's attempt of independence being merely a ruse to steal precious artwork, Thrawn ordered his aide, Lieutenant Commander Eli Vanto to contact Imperial High Command and inform them that the situation was resolved.[2]

Batonn sector insurgency[edit | edit source]

Batonn briefing[edit | edit source]

"Admiral Thrawn. May I introduce Admiral Durril of the ISD Judicator and the One Oh Third Task Force; Admiral Kinshara of the ISD Stalwart and One Twenty-Fifth. Admiral Thrawn of the ISD Chimaera, recently assigned the Ninety-Sixth."
―Jok Donassius conducting introductions[src]

Fleet Admiral Jok Donassius leads the briefing on the Batonn sector insurgency.

Following the battle for Botajef, Thrawn was promoted to the rank of admiral and assigned as the commanding officer of the Ninety-Sixth Task Force. Shortly after his assignment, Thrawn and his aide Vanto were summoned to the High Command headquarters for a briefing on the Batonn sector insurgency. Once they arrived, Donassius was standing on one side of the holoprojector opposite of Imperial Security Bureau Colonel Wullf Yularen and began introductions. He introduced Admiral Durril of the One Oh Third Task Force and ISD Judicator and Admiral Kinshara of the One Twenty-Fifth task force and ISD Stalwart before introducing Thrawn and his task force. Subsequently, Donassius introduced Governor Restos of Batonn, Governor Wistran of Denash, Governor Estorn of Sammun, and finally Governor Arihnda Pryce of Lothal.[2]

After Pryce and Thrawn, who had an acquaintanceship, stated that it was good to see each other again despite the circumstances, Donassius added that the circumstances were what the officials were brought in to deal with. He then instructed the group to sit and for Colonel Yularen to commence the briefing. During the briefing, Governor Restos stated that they noticed that there were four affected planets but only three task forces, and asked which star system was going to be ignored. Donassius responded that the insurgency issue on Lothal was already being dealt with by Admiral Kassius Konstantine and his sector fleet, and elaborated that Governor Pryce requested to be part of the Batonn sector situation as an observer, due to its proximity to Lothal and its same situation.[2]

After Yularen continued the briefing and provided the details of the Batonn insurgency along with assigning Thrawn to the mission, Thrawn and Durril began debating the best tactic for defeating the Batonn insurgents. After Thrawn stated that he needed more time to find a better strategy, Admiral Donassius rebuffed that there was no time, since every moment the Imperial garrison was being held hostage meant that the Empire's reputation was tarnished even more. Donassius amplified his stance that Thrawn would immediately neutralize the insurgency by destroying Scrim Island on the planet's surface, though Thrawn stated that doing so would kill the hostages and that he once again needed more time for reconnaissance and planning. After a brief period of silence, Donassius in a stiff tone stated that since he was not comfortable, Thrawn would be assigned to deal with the Sammun insurgents if it was to Thrawn's liking. Thrawn then responded that he would go wherever the Imperial Navy wished him to go. After confirming that Thrawn's task force was ready for operation, Donassius assigned Admiral Durril and his task force to deal with Batonn. Donassius then informed Yularen to continue his briefing.[2]

After the briefing, Thrawn instructed a leading officer of his task force, Commander Karyn Faro, to personally take his task force to Sammun and gave her instructions on how to defeat the Sammuni, as well as to detach the Shyrack for his use, as he and Vanto were to undertake an errand. When Vanto stated to Thrawn that they were treading on dangerous ground since Donassius ordered them to Sammun, Thrawn countered that Donassius ordered his task force to deal with the insurgents, but made no specifics of Thrawn and Vanto. The duo then utilized their light freighter, the Slipknot, to monitor the battle of Scrim Island from a distance and make contact with Nevil Cygni, leader of the sector's insurgents.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Jok Donassius first appeared in Timothy Zahn's 2017 novel Thrawn,[2] and was later first pictured in the fourth issue of the comic adaptation of the novel, Thrawn 4. In the comic issue, there are several instances where Donassius's dialogue is incorrectly attributed to Admiral Durril in several panels.[1]

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