Jokhalli were sapients indigenous to Blimph 3. They had four arms with long snouts and antennas, closely resembling that of a Dug. Their skin tended to have a green look to it, though their leaders tended to have a brighter shade. The species was known to speak Baragwinian and were also fond of trading and gambling. Jokhalli thought themselves to be the best die casters in the game of divot, their favorite form of gambling. Some Jokhalli tended to have xenophobic tendencies, evidenced by their dislike of foreigners to their home planet and air of superiority in issues related to trade and gambling. However, it deserves to be noted that Jokhalli were familiar with the trade-dialect of the Baragwin, and so must have been familiar, if not comfortable, with offworlders.


Some time after the Battle of Hoth, Quaffug the Hutt had taken over Blimph 3 as the headquarters for his crime syndicate. Quaffug had negotiated with the Jokhalli to handle their trade practices in exchange for access to the moon. Lando Calrissian was sent to Blimph 3 to negotiate a truce with the Hutt, but was quickly imprisoned and forced to become the prey in an elaborate hunt. The hunt eventually found Calrissian in the hands of the Jokhalli, who had become very territorial after the occupation of their moon. Calrissian was eventually able to win his freedom from the Jokhalli after trumping them in divot. Calrissian then negotiated with the Jokhalli leader, Utrop, telling him that he could negotiate a much fairer trade agreement than the Hutt had been offering them. With the Jokhalli on his side, Calrissian led the group in overthrowing Quaffug, but then he insisted on keeping Quaffug alive. The Jokhalli were not ready to let Quaffug get away without a fight, and Utrop insisted on an honor duel to decide Quaffug's fate. Calrissian bested the Jokhalli warrior and saved Quaffug's life. The Jokhalli later retook control of the moon and set themselves up with a new trade partner.



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