"For generations, my ancestors fought proudly as warriors against the Jedi. Now, that woman tarnishes the very name Mandalorian. Defend her, if you will."
―Jon Favreau as Pre Vizsla — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Jon Favreau (born October 19, 1966) is an American actor and director who provided the voice of the Mandalorian Pre Vizsla in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and of the Ardennian pilot Rio Durant in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

A longtime Star Wars fan, his appearance in The Clone Wars was due to running into Dave Filoni at ILM and Skywalker Sound while Favreau was working on post-production for Iron Man.

Before Solo's release, director Ron Howard revealed that Favreau would have a voice role in the film, as a "very cool & important" alien character.[1] Favreau later revealed an image of his character on Twitter.[2]

On March 8th, 2018, it was revealed that Favreau would write and executive produce the upcoming live-action Star Wars television series,[3] The Mandalorian.[4] On May 10th, 2018, in an interview with Anthony Carboni on the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Favreau revealed that he was halfway done with writing a season of the series.[5]

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