Jon Kasdan (born September 30, 1979) is an American actor, director, and screenwriter. He co-wrote Solo: A Star Wars Story with his father Lawrence Kasdan, and has a cameo in the film alongside first assistant director Toby Hefferman—as Tag and Bink, two characters that first appeared in the Star Wars comics published by Dark Horse Comics.[1]

In response to if the concept of the Cloud-Riders originated from the 1977 Star Wars Legends comic, Star Wars 9: Showdown on a Wasteland World!, or if it was just coincidental, Kasdan replied on Twitter that it was no coincidence, as when he, Christopher Miller, and Phil Lord settled on swoop bikes, they found the Star Wars Legends Cloud-Riders when browsing through Wookieepedia, and the name stuck.[2] During the development of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the writers and directors again researched Wookieepedia for spaceports on Corellia, where they found the name of "Coronet Spaceport" and decided to use it for the film.[3]

He has also been hired to work on the script for a fifth Indiana Jones film, taking over from David Koepp.[4]

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