"They said it was dangerous. I'll never understand, in a million years, how my daughter can be a danger. They're guardians of peace and justice. Well, how is letting me see her again a threat to peace and justice? Who is the monster? Is it me? Is it her? I don't think so."
―Jonava Bilane on Essence, trying to hold back her tears[src]

Jonava Billane was the mother of "Baby Ludi" and a central character in the Case of "Baby Ludi".


Presuming the child's parents to be dead in the groundquake of Ord Thoden, a team of Jedi rescue workers found the child in the ruins of the Ord Thoden capital Domitree. The Jedi found the child to be Force-sensitive and decided to train her in the ways of the Force.

When Jonava had recovered and learned that the child had survived, she traveled to Coruscant in order to reunite with her beloved daughter. However, the Jedi Council rejected her petition arguing that they would not give her back her child, now named "Aris-Del Wari", because it was too dangerous now that her mind had been opened to the Force.

The case went public, gaining her many supporters galaxywide. She would eventually appear on the Eriadu-based talkshow Essence to tell her story. Her particular episode was seen by over 25 billion sentient viewers and gained her much support. During the show she broke into tears four times, gaining even more sympathy galaxywide than before. She thanked all her supporters and also revealed that she had authorized a full-length holo feature based on her story.

Notable supporters of Jonava's cause were the People's Inquest, Garox Tronten, and thousands of Coruscanti university students. The latter even tried to invade the Jedi Temple.

When Ludi was moved to the Jedi academy on Kamparas, Jonava was too busy reviewing casting auditions for holo feature that would tell the story of her and "Baby Ludi" to comment on it publicly.

Holofilm portrayal[]

Jonava was to be portrayed by Harissa Shoti in a holofilm from Kailio Entertainments depicting the Baby Ludi case.[1]



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