Jondrell Inx was a Human male who worked as a pirate in opposition to the Galactic Empire's presence in the Parmel sector.


Jondrell Inx operated as a pirate in star systems throughout the Parmel sector, with many systems, including settlements on the planet Kallistas, benefiting from his generosity. While doing so he became the nemesis of Prefect Dengless Rinn, who posted a large bounty on his head. Inx employed a gunner named Pallas Quintell, who eventually left his crew to join the Rebel Alliance; however, they remained on good terms.

Soon after Quintell's capture by Rinn's agents, and after Inx took control of Quintell's previous headquarters, Inx eventually met Cressis Linrec, the daughter of governor Linrec, while she was running away from an arranged marriage with Moff Raiss. Cressis wanted to join his crew and seduce Inx as a means of getting revenge on her father; however, Inx wanted to sell her to the Zygerrian Slavers Guild. Under pressure from governor Linrec, and wanting to hide his own agenda, Rinn hired three bounty hunters to track Inx for a substantial reward.



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