"Attention, all workers of Jonex Mine Eight Eleven B. Our sensors indicate a catastrophe-level event. Seek the nearest omega-designated shelter immediately. Activate all emergency beacon comm posts at once. Attention, all workers of Jonex Mine Eight Eleve B..."
―Automated emergency system broadcasting Jonex Mine Eight Eleven B's impending doom[src]

Jonex Mine Eight Eleven B was a mine, established by the Jonex mining corporation, deep beneath the surface of an asteroid located in the MZX32905 system.


The caverns, which made up the mine, were originally home to a swarm of mynock who lived off the planetoid's natural iron deposits. Eventually, the mynock evolved into a new race of dark Force-wielding mynock. The tremendous amounts of dark side energy they manipulated radiated into the caverns, which left a dark Force well behind after their civilization was destroyed in an unknown cataclysm.

Millennia later, a mining operation came and occupied the caverns, finding large loads of ferrous ore. The caverns were designated as Jonex Mine Eight Eleven B and were connected to a Sienar Mobile Command Post via a railcar. In time, prolonged exposure to the mine's dark energies caused the miners to go insane. The administrator of the mine, being a Force-sensitive himself, studied the dark side power; when his study was complete he decided to study other aspects of the Force. With careful mismanaging, the administrator was able to conceal the truth of the mine. With his secret secure, he began his expedition through the galaxy. Later in his life, the administrator returned to the mine, as a newly proclaimed Dark Lord of the Sith, where he built a mansion at the epicenter of the dark side energy and presumably lived out the rest of his life.

Centuries later a new Sith presence would be established as Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya made the mine her base of operations. In 40 ABY Lumiya tricked Jedi Jacen Solo, Ben Skywalker and Nelani Dinn to adventure into the mine as a plot to turn Solo to the dark side. In the end Solo made the decision to follow his Sith legacy and killed Nelani Dinn in the caverns. Shortly after the murder, Solo and Skywalker left, leaving Lumiya alone with the mine which she used as a lair till her death.

A few months later Dark Jedi Alema Rar would use the mine as a hideout; though her stay was short lived as she was killed in a battle for the mine.

Jonex Mine Eight Eleven B was destroyed in 40 ABY by a series of fission bombs planted by the One Sith.


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