Jonra Far was a female Twi'lek swoop racer from Onderon. She was known to have had the best swoop track record on Onderon. She looked down upon both Panar, for being a thug, and M'sadaar, for racing only to earn credits. She enthusiastically supported General Vaklu during the Onderon Civil War, calling the war "the Struggle" and attempted to recruit Meetra Surik, when she met her in the Iziz cantina, to race under Vaklu's banner. Surik managed to beat both Panar's times, twice, and then beat M'sadaar's. When Surik was to face Jonra's she managed to break her own time, but despite her new record, Surik managed to defeat it.

She hoped that Surik would use her fame to support the struggle, but Surik instead helped Queen Talia to preserve the Republic's hold of Onderon. When Surik tried to arrange a meeting between Jedi Master Kavar, Colonel Tobin, Vaklu's right hand man, attempted to disrupt the meeting only to have his soldiers killed by Surik. Afterward, Jonra Far believed that Vaklu would eventually hunt her down.



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