"You were always too much woman for me, Jool. How's business?"
Cade Skywalker[4]

Queen Jool was the Hutt owner of two cantinas who doubled as an information broker and also a member of the Hutt Grand Council during the Second Imperial Civil War.


Early life[]

Jool was a female Hutt who spent several years running Rik's Cantina on Coruscant, where she enforced a strict no-fighting policy. The self-proclaimed Queen's left eye had been replaced by a jeweled and feathered cybernetic implant that allowed her to observe the cantina's goings-on. She lived in a swamp below the bar,[1] but being in the Underlevels required an escort to get there safely.[5] A Nautolan, Jak, served as her bodyguard with unquestionable loyalty, and Queen Jool was friendly with her bartender Finn as well.[4]

In their days serving Rav, Cade Skywalker, and Jariah Syn made frequent visits to Rik's, as did spacers Chak and Kee, becoming friends with all of them, taking a special fondness for Skywalker.[4] In her days as Imperial Intelligence agent "Morrigan Corde," Nyna Calixte would often come to Jool for information.[5]

Helping Cade Skywalker[]

"You know I love you, Cade, but you're getting expensive to keep. Try to keep the damage down this time? For me?"
―Queen Jool to Cade Skywalker[2]

After freeing himself from Rav's service, Cade became the captain of his own ship, the Mynock. With Syn and Zeltron Deliah Blue, the three continued to frequent Jool's presence.[4]

Upon his visit to Coruscant to rescue the Bothan Jedi Hosk Trey'lis, Cade Skywalker gave Jool the access codes to the Mynock. Cade trusted Jool to give the codes to Syn and Blue if he did not return,[4] which she did after Cade freed them from the Sith Temple. R2-D2 then played a holorecording from Cade to the two, telling them to take the Mynock and flee Coruscant. Chak and Kee then arrived, intent on retrieving their ship, the Grinning Liar, which they had rented to the crew for their flight off Bastion. However, they had lost it to Rav when he betrayed them, and so Syn offered the Mynock. The Wookiee and the Devaronian were not interested, however, and said they would help rescue Cade if they were promised the Grinning Liar afterwards. Reaching an agreement, the four, Artoo, Jak, and Jool then began formulating a plan to retrieve Cade from the Temple.[5]

Jool in the Paradise

They weren't sure where to start, however, until Morrigan Corde, sitting at their table with a large stack of credits, spoke up, surprising everyone and causing them to draw their blasters on her. Jool exclaimed not to shoot her yet, as she began reaching for her files before remembering Corde's identity. Jool introduced her as an Imperial Intelligence agent she speculated was retired, as she had not seen her for two decades. Corde reminded her that she hadn't seen her now, and taking the money, Jool asked Jak to escort her home. With her help, the motley crew formulated a plan which was ultimately successful in the end.[5]

Later, Jool opened a new cantina on Zeltros called the Paradise. There she welcomed Cade, Syn, and Blue after their run in with Corde on Tatooine. Jool explained that with the Sith tightening their control over the galaxy, legal supplies were becoming scarce, making her business very profitable. She also expressed her appreciation for the Zeltron people, especially the males. Shortly afterwards, Rav appeared with some henchmen. Jool told Cade that while she loved him, his rowdiness in her cantinas were becoming costly, and asked him to keep the damages to a minimum. He obliged, knocking them out by throwing one off the waterfall and chopping the other in the neck. Rav then offered Cade and his crew a mission on Wayland for one million credits.[2]

Hunting Vul Isen[]

"My apologies, sweets patogga. I may have spoken too highly of you."
"'S okay Jools… I know you love me."
―Jool and Cade Skywalker[3]

Jool apologizes to Cade for putting him in danger.

Following the death of Azzim Anjiliac Atirue during a Sith Imperial massive attack on Da Soocha and Napdu, Jool contacted Cade. She asked him to meet her and other Hutt leaders on Nal Hutta in the headquarters of Vedo Anjiliac Atirue, leader of the Anjiliac Atirue.[6]

There, after being separated from his companions, several of Vedo's security droids attacked Cade. Nevertheless, Skywalker easily dispatched them with his lightsaber. Vedo apologized for the trap, stating that he needed to test if Cade was really as good as Jool claimed he was. Jool herself also apologized to Cade, stating that she perhaps spoke of him too highly. Skywalker promptly forgave her. Vedo then asked Cade to kill Vul Isen, whom Cade was already hunting for his role in the Genocide on Dac, as an agent of the Hutts. Skywalker accepted, and ultimately killed Isen on Utapau.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Queen Jool

Jool was sly, flirtatious, and suave. As might be expected of a being which profited from information, she had a certain insight into psychology and motivation. She was fond of Cade, though, and despite the traditionally mercenary behavior of Hutts, it appeared genuine. She welcomed him and his friends everytime they paid her a visit, and even gave him drinks on the house. Cade trusted her with the Mynock's codes, and she gave them to Syn and Blue like he asked. When Vedo had his droids attack Cade to test him, Jool apologized for boasting a little too much about him. She was, nevertheless, not above scolding him, asking him to avoid causing too much damage in her cantinas.


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