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"You do talk. You can even reason. Perhaps you can be reasonable."
"I'll hear you out. I can always kill you later."
―Morrigan Corde and Jor Torlin[src]

Jor Torlin was a Human male agent who worked for the Sith Intelligence and Assassination division of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire during the Second Imperial Civil War. He was raised on the Sith homeworld, Korriban, and was initially trained as a Sith until it was found that he lacked adequate Force-sensitivity. Instead, Torlin became a Sith spy and gained a reputation of being one of the foremost agents in the One Sith's intelligence division, led by Sith Lady Darth Maladi.

In 137 ABY, Torlin was tasked with locating the former Jedi Cade Skywalker. After meeting with the Chadra-Fan informant Haako aboard the space station known as the Wheel, Torlin encountered the retired Imperial Intelligence agent Morrigan Corde, who had been reactivated by Moff Nyna Calixte to assist in locating Skywalker. The two agents discovered that negotiations for a potential alliance were taking place between Galactic Alliance Remnant Admiral Gar Stazi and Imperial Captain Mingo Bovark, who was loyal to deposed Emperor Roan Fel's Empire-in-exile. Torlin and Corde successfully managed to sabotage the meeting, causing the two factions to remain divided. After this, the two agents traveled to the planet Ossus to search for Skywalker. Torlin, who distrusted Corde, attempted to kill the agent in Ossus's jungles. However, Corde activated a micro-ampule that was filled with a nerve toxin that she had inserted while he was unconscious aboard his starship, the Raider, and left Torlin to die as she commandeered the Raider and departed Ossus.


Early life and careerEdit

"I've read your dossier. Force sensitive. Trained on Korriban by the Sith, though not strong enough in the Force to truly be Sith. Sith at heart, though, and good at what you do—and I know how the Sith value retribution and revenge."
―Morrigan Corde[src]

Jor Torlin

Jor Torlin, a Human male, was born in the decades leading up to the Sith–Imperial War between the Fel Empire, led by Emperor Roan Fel, and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. In his youth, Torlin was raised on Korriban, the Sith homeworld and headquarters of Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt's One Sith Order. He was trained in their ways, but it was discovered that he lacked sufficient Force-sensitivity to truly become a Sith. He accepted a role as a Sith operative,[1] using his limited knowledge of the dark side of the Force to assist him in his missions.[3] Torlin carried out missions in the galaxy on the Sith's behalf before they revealed themselves[4] by allying with Emperor Fel's Empire one year into the Sith–Imperial War.[5]

After the defeat of the Galactic Alliance and Darth Krayt's overthrow of Roan Fel in 130 ABY, Torlin continued to operate on the new Sith Empire's behalf, acting as a bounty hunter and locating people at various locations such as Nar Shaddaa and the Wheel, a space station located in the Besh Gorgon system in the Mid Rim. When he found his targets, Torlin typically reported his intel to his superiors, most often to the Sith Lady Darth Maladi, who was the head of Sith Intelligence and Assassination. During his career, Torlin occasionally used the surveillance services of the Chadra-Fan informant Haako, who lived aboard the Wheel.[3]

At some point during his career, Torlin acquired the Raider, a Gladius-class light freighter,[3] using the ship on his missions for the Sith.[4] By 137 ABY, during the Second Imperial Civil War,[3] when Maladi replaced most of the agents of Imperial Intelligence with her own, Torlin was regarded as Maladi's preeminent operative.[4]

Search for Skywalker and deathEdit

"Story of your life, Torlin. Good, but not good enough."
―Morrigan Corde[src]

In 137 ABY, Darth Maladi assigned Torlin to search for the former Jedi Cade Skywalker on behalf of Darth Krayt,[4] who sought to use Skywalker's abilities with the Force to heal himself[6] of the Yorik-Kul seeds that had been implanted in his body by the Yuuzhan Vong nearly a century before, which threatened to overtake the Dark Lord's body and mind.[7] Torlin was contacted by Haako, who informed the agent that Skywalker was aboard the Wheel. Torlin instructed Haako to follow Skywalker aboard the station, and by the time Torlin met with the Chadra-Fan to confirm that he indeed saw Skywalker, the former Jedi had left the station. After telling Haako to discover Skywalker's location and his companions' identities, Torlin was confronted by a group of ruffians. He attacked their leader and proceeded to fight the group, before he was hit over the head with a metal object. At that moment, the formerly retired Imperial Intelligence spy Morrigan Corde, who had been reactivated by Moff Nyna Calixte to help locate Skywalker, appeared and aided Torlin in combating the thugs. After they fled from the two Imperial agents, Torlin attacked Corde, who had set up the confrontation between Torlin and the thugs in order to make contact with Torlin. During the struggle, Corde used the knockout gas contained in her left arm gauntlet to disable Torlin and carried the Sith spy back to his ship.[4] After the security forces aboard the Wheel let Corde aboard Torlin's ship, Corde inserted a micro-ampule containing a nerve toxin into Torlin's body, which she could activate in case Torlin attempted to kill her again.[2]


Torlin and Morrigan Corde hack Fel-Imperial Captain Mingo Bovark's shuttle with the former's C.O.L.D. devices.

Torlin awoke aboard the vessel strapped to a seat by Corde, who introduced herself and threatened to kill him. After he called her bluff, she released him, and the two began discussing Skywalker's possible location. Corde brought the presence of two ships belonging to Galactic Alliance Remnant Admiral Gar Stazi and Fel-Imperial Captain Mingo Bovark, respectively, to Torlin's attention. Torlin and Corde came to the conclusion that the two leaders were discussing a potential alliance between the Galactic Alliance Remnant and Roan Fel's Empire-in-exile, and they worked together to create a plan to break up the negotiations by playing off the two sides' mutual suspicions of the other. Torlin launched all six of his Command Override Limpet Droids—devices which magnetically attached to a ship and enabled him to take control of the on-board computers—which all successfully attached to Bovark's shuttle. Torlin then took control of one of the ship's turbolasers, and fired on the Galactic Alliance starship. In the ensuing chaos, Admiral Stazi attacked Captain Bovark, who had to be rescued by the two Imperial Knights accompanying him. After successfully sabotaging the negotiations, Torlin caused the C.O.L.D. devices to detach from Bovark's ship and left the Wheel with Corde aboard the Raider.[2]

When they arrived in orbit around the planet Ossus, which held the ruins of the Jedi Academy, Torlin scanned for heat signatures and found one in the jungles near the ruins. Despite Corde's suggestion that they look for Skywalker on the neutral planet of Hapes, Torlin landed the Raider a few kilometers away from the ruins. After Torlin and Corde disembarked the Raider, the former turned against the latter and opened fire at her with his[2] heavy[3] blaster rifle. Torlin pursued as she retreated, eventually locating her near a boulder. As he took aim to kill her, he began feeling the effects of the poison from the micro-ampule, which she had released when he began firing at her. As he lay dying, Corde explained what was happening to him and took out a holoprojector which displayed an image from her past as the wife of Jedi Master Kol Skywalker and mother of Torlin's target, Cade Skywalker. She then abandoned Torlin to his death, taking the Raider and departing Ossus.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit


Torlin succumbs to the nerve toxin Corde activated when he attempted to kill her.

"You Sith son of a murglak! We're on the same side!"
"Maybe we are. Maybe we aren't. Better not to risk it. Better you're dead."
―Corde and Torlin, as the latter attempts to kill the former[src]

Jor Torlin was a light-skinned Human male who had wavy brown hair and blue eyes. Despite lacking enough sensitivity with the Force to be a true Sith, Torlin was dedicated to the Sith cause and retained their values as an agent of Sith Intelligence. His skills as an agent led to him being reckoned as the foremost of Darth Maladi's operatives in 137 ABY.[4] Despite his dedication, he still accepted pay from the Sith for his services. He occasionally enlisted the services of the Chadra-Fan informant Haako, whose information and scouting services he used during his career as a Sith operative.[3] Torlin was able to handle himself in difficult combat situations, and he objected after Morrigan Corde aided in dispatching a gang of miscreants aboard the Wheel. He mistrusted Corde, which led him to attack her twice,[2][4] and he did not care whether she was his ally or not, feeling her death was better than taking the chances of her being a foe.[2] Among Torlin's possessions were the Gladius-class light freighter Raider, a comlink, a datapad,[3] and multiple Command Override Limpet Droids.[2] He spoke and understood Basic, and used a heavy blaster rifle during combat.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Jor Torlin was created by John Ostrander, the writer of the Star Wars: Legacy comics, for the series' Trust Issues story arc. He was drawn by Colin Wilson in the arc's two issues. Torlin received entries in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia and the Legacy Era Campaign Guide. His surname was spelled as both "Tolin" and "Torlin" in Trust Issues, Part 1; however, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia confirmed that the latter was the correct spelling.



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