"Ahhh, what's a little mental instability between tutor and pupil?"
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Jorak Uln was a Sith Master and the former headmaster of the Sith Academy on Korriban. He was one of Exar Kun's followers, serving during Kun's reign of the Sith Empire and later serving Darth Revan's own incarnation. Ironically, Uln fought against Revan later on, not knowing his true identity.


Little is known about Jorak Uln's early history during his time with Exar Kun. When the Sith Empire under Revan grew, he became headmaster of the Sith Academy on Korriban and took Uthar Wynn as his apprentice. Both of them were extremely unique in saberstaff combat. In time, however, Jorak succumbed to mental illness, which Uthar saw a sign of weakness. In accordance with the Sith's principles of the strong taking control from the weak, Jorak Uln was overthrown by his apprentice. It is unknown whether he simply escaped or if Wynn allowed him to live.

Uln eventually went into hiding in the fabled Valley of the Dark Lords, studying the ancient ruins inside the tombs to find theories on their philosophies. He believed that the students Uthar had been training lacked the "gumption" and purity one would expect from a true Sith. Because of this, he would also capture students of the Academy and play games hoping to find some students who have the pluck of the old-fashioned Sith. Up to 3,956 BBY, he took up residence to the tomb of Tulak Hord, one of the ancient Dark Lords buried in the Valley [1]

One student, in particular, was Mekel. However, Jorak was disappointed with him.

Soon afterwards, Revan would explore Tulak Hord's tomb as well. He returned to Korriban, disguised as a Sith student, on a quest to discover the fabled Star Maps to relocate the Star Forge to stop Darth Malak. Hoping to find valuable artifacts in order to impress Uthar Wynn and gain prestige in the Academy, a blademaster informed Revan of Jorak and the kidnappings, suggesting that he could earn prestige dealing with the problem himself. Jorak Uln had set a trap in the tomb which released knockout gas, rendering Revan and his allies unconscious. [1]

Revan awoke to be unable to fight back against the toxins. Jorak Uln, not aware that he had captured the former Sith Lord he once served, made him an unwilling participant in his "test". Jorak asked Revan five questions about the Sith philosophy, after complaining to Revan about current students lack of the "gumption" and purity of a true Sith. He said that if he got them wrong he will torture him, and if he got them right he will torture Mekel, stating that Mekel wont be able to take much punishment.[1]

However, Revan did not play along with Uln's game by answering the questions incorrectly, which resulted in receiving several shocks of Force lightning from Jorak as 'punishment'. Despite this Revan survived the "test", much to Jorak's surprise as he never had a result where both students survived. Unsure of what to do he came to the conclusion that Mekel won and decided to let him go. However, Mekel shocked that Revan would not allow him to die, managed to free Revan by using Force Drain on Jorak. Angered, Jorak attacked them both, but was killed. Jorak's death allowed Mekel to abandon the dark side and leave the Sith. Revan also found Jorak's journal and would later give to Uthar Wynn for prestige points.[1]

Powers and ablilities

Being a former Sith Master, Jorak had a strong command of the dark side of the Force, and was trained in many techniques (including Force lightning, Force Choke and Force Drain). Like his former apprentice Uthar Wynn, he wielded a double-bladed lightsaber when pushed into Lightsaber combat, but otherwise was content to torment and kill his victims with just the Force.[1]

Personality and Traits

Even for a Sith, Jorak was mentally unstable (possibly from years of hiding in exile) as was evident by the way the power of the dark side had disfigured his face. He delighted in capturing unwary Sith students from the Valley of the Dark Lords, and would think up sadistic games then force them to play for their lives. He believed that, being the former head of the Sith Academy, he believed that he will still be remembered. He was right about the students and teachers of the academy talking about his position, but didn't expect them to consider him as an 'old hermit', which he considered slander. Jorak also had a potentially low reguard for Uthar Wynn.[1]

Behind the scenes

If Revan, the player's character, follows the dark side, he or she may allow Mekel to die by answering three of Jorak's questions correctly. Alternately, the character may cooperate with Mekel to defeat Jorak Uln—gaining "Dark Side points" by turning on Mekel afterwards, or gaining "light side points" by sparing Mekel. [1]

Alternately, Revan can also let Mekel attack and be killed by Jorak, which results in Jorak having less health for Revan and his allies to kill him. This also results in no alignment change.[1]

The last question Jorak asks concerns what a Sith should do when he is dying: should the Sith pass on his knowledge or use his last bit of strength to strike at his enemies? In most cases, the player cannot answer this correctly, as it is a trick question. However, if the player is falling to the dark side, and if the player has already discovered that Revan never perished, then the question can be answered: "A true Sith never dies."[1]

If the player wears the Electrical Capacitance Shield belt, then Jorak's Force Lighting won't actually harm the player due to the belt's properties of absorbing electric energy."[1]

Jorak Uln was portrayed by Frank Welker.



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