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Joralla was a semi-tropical Mid Rim planet in the Joralla system and home to the avian Tikiarri.



Joralla was dominated by tropical jungles and lush rainforests with huge waterfalls that cascaded from the tops of the mountains. There were pummeling chasms ripped into the bedrocks due to heavy groundquakes aswell hundreds of kilometers wide plateaus dotted with winding rivers and huge forests. The imposing mountain chains and volcanos covered Joralla's three main continents and overlooked the expansive, rich oceans of deep-blue water.[source?]


The tremendous weather and seasonal fluctuations caused abrupt climate changes from month to month, with temperatures that varied from a peak of 50 degrees celsius (at the height of summer in the equatorial zones) to a low of -35 degrees celsius (in the polar regions during winter).[source?]

Flora and faunaEdit

The flora and fauna of Joralla were remarkably diverse and beautiful. The lush jungles were inhabited by a thousand of different tree species, ferns and berry bushes like the tequa bushes. The wilderness offered various tasteful fruits and vegetables in abundance all across the planet such as the nutritious and giant redspars. The planet was also the source for mineral treasures and precious gems such as Jorallan opals and pearls.[4] A majority of the plants had a natural defense mechanism like the blue kewafi flowers which shot poisonous barbs.[source?]

Hidden among this lush and colorful plant life lived a huge range of insects, mammals, reptiles and birds such as the native avian predators called the Tikiarri.[2] Many hunters drew much profit with the selling of Joralla's creatures on other worlds.[source?] The most common animals were the Wulkarsk and the Oslet.[2]


During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, Joralla was quarantined because of an epidemic. At the same time, some individuals smuggled pharmaceuticals past the blockade.[5]

The planet was (possibly still) quarantined at the time the planet was subjugated by the Galactic Empire.[2] During the early Galactic Civil War era, the Tikiarri population was estimated to be ten million.[2]

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