Commander Jorg Sacul was a Human male X-wing pilot and flight instructor who joined the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War.[1]


Born on Tatooine, Sacul was once a reckless dreamer. After a near-fatal crash in his T-16 skyhopper, he found a new direction in life, and entered the Imperial Academy (though it is not known at which Academy he studied). He graduated as the top pilot in his class.

After joining the Rebellion, his natural leadership abilities made him an excellent flight instructor, and eventually earned him the rank of commander. He was renowned for both his calm under fire and his mentorship of younger pilots. He also had great reserves of inner strength[1]—in fact, he was rumored to have been Force-sensitive. Many commented that in another era, he would have made a great Jedi.

Sacul was also a visionary storyteller. He entertained the pilots in his command by telling stories set long ago, in far off galaxies.

Behind the scenes[]

The Jorg Sacul action figure, in packaging.

Jorg Sacul was released as a limited-edition action figure first made available at the "Star Wars: Celebration II" convention in May 2002. The figure was also distributed in limited numbers in various European promotions.

The head of the Jorg Sacul action figure is attached to the same X-Wing pilot body used for the "Power of the Force 2" version of the Biggs Darklighter action figure. The figure also came with a removable helmet, blaster pistol, miniature X-Wing (a Micro Machines version), and cardboard scene depicting the Rebel base on Yavin 4.

Fan relations coordinator Stephen J. Sansweet had a role in writing the bio for the action figure card.

The name "Jorg Sacul" is a tuckerization of "George Lucas." The action figure is a likeness of Star Wars creator George Lucas, and was created to honor him as part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Star Wars. Jorg's near-fatal crash and his visionary storytelling are references to George Lucas's real biography.


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