Jorga Sune was a male minor crime lord in Iritsa. He was popular in The Clog. He had an intense rivalry with Hahz Fallone due to a business deal that went bad. Hahz had the coordinates to a lost colony world and needed Jorga's assistance to plunder it. When the natives rebelled, Jorga lost many starships and men, while Hahz managed to escape with no damage.

Jorga attempted to find the coordinates of the world so he could go back and raid it by himself. He believed they were stored in the Black Sphere. He framed a group of bounty hunters with the murders of several people in order to force them to steal the artifact from Fallone.

He was able to acquire the artifact, but didn't realize it was a fake created by Fallone to mislead him. He was killed when he followed the coordinates hidden in the fake Sphere which led his fleet to a heavily armed top-secret Imperial base.


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