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"We are the Jedi, the ultimate power in the universe. We will do as we choose. And we will destroy any who dare stand in our way."
―Jorus C'baoth[3]

Jorus C'baoth was a Human male hailing from the planet Bortras who served the religious Jedi Order during the final decades of the Galactic Republic. He was born on Bortras's capital, Reithcas, in 70 BBY. Eventually, C'baoth was found by the Jedi Order as he had significant strength in the mystical field of the Force, and brought to their Jedi Temple at the world of Coruscant. During his training, he attended the Mirnic University in the Mirnic system and later, the Kamparas Jedi Training Center at the world of Kamparas. Later, in 44 BBY, C'baoth became a Jedi Knight, and decided to follow the Jedi Consular's path, perfecting the art of diplomacy instead of combat. As a firm supporter of the Republic, C'baoth assisted it on various occasions through diplomacy, such as when he observed the planet of Ando's Speciesism as part of the government's Demilitarization Observation Group. During his presence at Ando, C'baoth befriended Naboo Senator Palpatine, establishing a long-standing friendship.

Afterward, some years before 32 BBY, the Jedi Knight began his search for darksiders, as he had sensed the Dark side of the Force was growing stronger. C'baoth then brought an end to an uprising of Dark Jedi in the Elrood sector. After his victory against the Dark Jedi, he bestowed the title of Jedi Master upon himself, which was usually done by the Jedi High Council. However, the Council was so pleased with C'baoth's victory in the sector that they regarded his self-imposed promotion as well-earned and valid. Afterward, in 33 BBY, Master C'baoth was told by the Jedi Council not to report on the Esseles droid starfighter conflict at the planet to any senator.

Later on, he became a member of the Senate Interspecies Advisory Committee, being appointed as ambassador of the Xappyh sector. C'baoth notably helped fellow Jedi Master Tra's M'ins to mediate the Duinuogwuin–Gotal conflict. Shortly after, in 32 BBY, the Jedi Master was made Jedi Watchman of the Alderaan sector, at that time, the tensions between the House of Organa and the House of Antilles had boiled over, Captain Pello Scrambas refused to take sides, assisting the Jedi Watchman Jorus C'Baoth in resolving the crisis. At C'baoth's behest, the two families joined in marriage, ending the dispute. Throughout his mastery, C'baoth took on several Padawan learners, eventually getting Human Lorana Jinzler as his apprentice. Although C'baoth's personality disturbed Jinzler, she remained silent fearing his master would be offended or what he would do to her. Around 29 BBY, while training Jinzler, C'baoth was inspired by a group called Extragalactic Society, and created the idea of a massive expedition beyond the Galactic Rim in an attempt to search for life beyond the known galaxy. Gaining support from Palpatine and the Jedi, "Outbound Flight Project" was created and presented to the Senate.

However, although the project had gained much support, C'baoth's brainchild began to weaken, as the Financial Appropriations Committee had done a series of budget cuts to the project. In 27 BBY, C'baoth met with now-Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to speak about Outbound Flight, there, Kinman Doriana, one of Palpatine's advisors, spoke about a conflict between the Brolf and the Corporate Alliance at the world of Barlok. If C'baoth resolved the conflict, Palpatine would supply everything needed on the political side for C'baoth's brainchild to come to life. At Barlok, Jinzler, C'baoth, and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker investigated an assassination attempt planned at Passel Argente, the Corporate Alliance's leader. Jinzler, Kenobi and Skywalker and C'baoth parted ways, with the formers investigating the plot, while C'baoth negotiated with both sides. Although Kenobi's party discovered the plot and tried to thwart "Defender"'s plot to use a missile to kill all present at the negotiations, which failed, C'baoth used the Force to stop the incoming missile, which forced the Brolf and Argente to end the negotiations successfully. As he had completed his part of the deal, Palpatine completed his, and after Rendili StarDrives created and manufactured the expansionary starship of Outbound Flight, C'baoth's project was launched. Forty-five thousand civilians of several species and 20 Jedi departed for the Unknown Regions.

However, although Mon Calamari Captain Pakmillu controlled all of Outbound Flight's political and administrative aspects, C'baoth ignored that and took over the vessel, starting his operations to create more Jedi. C'baoth attempted to kidnap a force-sensitive child, which was unsuccessful. He also created a school on the starship to train Jedi. As disputes formed because of the Jedi Master's actions, chaos brewed within, which Kenobi wished to stop, along with fellow Jedi Master Justyn Ma'Ning. However, their attempts were in vain, as C'baoth ignored them and continued his activities until his starship was brought out of hyperspace. Chiss Force Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo (Core name "Thrawn") and Kinman Doriana—secretly serving Palpatine's secret Sith persona of Darth Sidious—launched an attack on the Jedi Master's expedition upon C'baoth rejecting Thrawn's offer to abandon his territory. Although the Human Jedi Master attempted to kill the Chiss commander using the Dark Side of the Force, Kinman Doriana used a button on the Springhawk, Thrawn's flagship to launch a radiation bomb on Outbound Flight, which killed C'baoth and most aboard.


Early life[]

"Attended Jedi Training Center on Kamparas 2\15\90 to 8\33\8 PE. Private Jedi training begun 9\88 PE; Instructor unknown."
―Galactic Senate records on Jorus C'baoth[4]

The lush Bortras, birth world of C'baoth

Jorus C'baoth, a Human male was born on the Outer Rim Territories planet of Bortras, specifically on its capital, Reithcas in the last century of the Galactic Republic. From the time of his birth,[5] in 70 BBY,[2] it was evident that the young infant had proficiency in the Force, a mysterious energy field that bound the galaxy together.[6] Eventually, his untrained potential drew the attention of the Order of[5] force wielders of the Jedi Order.[6] Following Jedi tradition,[7] C'baoth was claimed from his birth parents and brought to the Jedi Temple on the ecumenopolis of Coruscant, the capital of the Republic and headquarters of the Jedi. In the Temple, C'baoth joined the other Jedi Initiates, and the members of the Order became his only family.[5]

In 53 BBY, C'baoth, now seventeen,[1] joined his Jedi studies with an education from a university known as the Mirnic University.[8] Upon his graduation, he traveled to the Kamparas Jedi Training Center on the Core Worlds planet of Kamparas,[1] home to several Jedi sholars.[9] C'baoth joined to continue his instruction in the demanding ways of the Force. After training at the Jedi Training Center for two years, C'baoth was taken on as a private student.[1]


"Member of Ando Demilitarization Observation Group 8\82 to 7\81 PE. Member of the Senate Interspecies Advisory Comittee 9\81 to 6\79 PE"
―Galactic Senate records on Jorus C'baoth[4]

Senator Palpatine, who befriended C'baoth

In 44 BBY, C'baoth joined the ranks of the Jedi Knights,[1] which did what they considered was right.[3] The now-Jedi Knight decided to follow the path of the Jedi Consulars, which chose to master the art of diplomacy instead of combat.[10] Becoming a supporter of the Galactic Republic, C'baoth served it in several ways, most notably as mediator and negotiator for many of the galaxy's Speciesism-charged conflicts. He notably served as part of the Demilitarization Observation Group stationed on the Mid Rim Territories mineral-rich planet of Ando, where the native Aqualish subspecies endlessly fought with each other over mineral rights. A primary observer within the group, the Jedi from Bortras encountered another member of the task force, the ambitious Senator Palpatine of the Chommell sector. The two diplomats got along, and when they returned to Coruscant, established a long-standing friendship that helped the development of C'baoth's diplomatic career.[11]

A few years after the events on Ando, the Council of Reassignment appointed Jorus C'baoth as Palpatine's adviser on Jedi-related matters. During his time as a member of the senator's staff, the Jedi discussed the Extragalactic Society, a community of scientists devoted to the search for life outside the galaxy. The two friends shared a mutual interest in ExGal's ambitious project. However, some years before the Battle of Naboo[11] in 32 BBY, C'baoth received visions of the dark side of the Force becoming stronger. The Jedi left the senator's staff and was reassigned once again, searching for the source of his premonitions. His search eventually led him to the Elrood sector, in the Outer Rim. There, C'baoth discovered a group of marauding Dark Jedi who brought chaos to the sector. With the help of a small strike team of fellow Knights, C'baoth eliminated the dark Force-users.[11] Unbeknownst to him, his old friend Palpatine himself was a powerful darksider, a Dark Lord of the Sith known as Darth Sidious, who was making the dark side stronger with his plots.[12]


"I will not have my teaching philosophy dissected as if it were an interesting biological specimen, […] Particularly not by one as young as you."
"Age isn't necessarily the best indicator of knowledge in the Force, […]"
"No, but experience is, […] When you've trained as many Jedi as I have, we'll discuss this further. Until then, I believe your Padawan is waiting for you in Reactor Two."
―Jedi Masters Jorus C'baoth and Obi-Wan Kenobi[3]

Lorana Jinzler, one of C'baoth's Padawan.

Immediately after his victory against the Dark Jedis, C'baoth bestowed the title of Jedi Master upon himself,[11] which was unorthodox as usually, the Jedi High Council granted the title to Jedi who had trained several Jedi to Knighthood.[3] However, the Council was pleased with the results of C'baoth's efforts on the uprising, and accepted his self-imposed promotion, referring to it as well-earned and valid.[11]

In 33 BBY, Master C'baoth got involved in the Esseles droid starfighters affair, due to his relationship with Palpatine, who had become an influential senator. The Jedi Council had received an anonymous datacard, alerting of a factory named Trinkatta Starships that had started building fifty experimental droid starfighters. Worried that these new ships were commissioned by an ally of the Republic plotting a civil war, the Councilmen sent Jedi Master Adi Gallia to ascertain the identity of the one who paid for the starfighters. Master Jorus C'baoth was summoned by the Council, which asked him not to notify Palpatine or any other Senators of Galia's secret mission until they had solid evidence identifying the buyer.[13] As C'baoth's diplomatic career continued, he became a member of the Senate Interspecies Advisory Committee, being appointed ambassador of the Xappyh sector, and helped fellow Jedi Master Tra's M'ins mediate the Duinuogwuin–Gotal conflict.[1] In 32 BBY,[12] C'baoth was made Jedi Watchman of the Alderaan sector, and was involved in the mediation of a crisis known as the Alderaan Ascendancy Contention. The Ascendancy consisted of tensions between the Organa and Antilles houses as each family wished to succeed in the position of Viceroy.[4] With the assistance of Captain Pello Scrambas of Organa, C'baoth joined both families in marriage, resolving the tensions.[14] During the Naboo crisis, in the same year, Palpatine was nominated as Supreme Chancellor of the Repulic. However, although Palpatine and C'baoth had a long friendship, C'baoth supported another candidate, Bail Antilles. The Jedi Watchman was seen in the company of the Alderaanian senator during a gathering on the Perlemian Orbital Facility, a space station orbiting Coruscant. However, C'baoth's friend was nominated and succeded the previous chancellor, Finis Valorum.[12]

During his time as a Jedi Master, C'baoth took on several Padawans. At some point after training them, the Jedi diplomat took a female Human named Lorana Jinzler as his Padawan. C'baoth's relationship with his good-natured and humble apprentice was unusually tense. His attitude that Jedi were superior to non-Force users disturbed Jinzler, but she was too timid to confront him or say anything to address the issue.[3]

Rise and fall of Outbound Flight[]

"Highly influential in convincing Senate to authorize and fund Outbound Flight Project. One of six Jedi Masters attached to project 7\7\65 PE."
―Galactic Senate records on Jorus C'baoth[4]

The Outbound Flight Project, C'baoth's brainchild

Around 29 BBY,[3] C'baoth was inspired by the Extragalactic Society's example, and he conceived the idea of a massive expedition beyond the Galactic Rim,[11] in an attempt to search for life outside the known galaxy. As he had gained support from now-Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, C'baoth played an instrumental role in convincing the Republic Senate to authorize and fund what became known as "Outbound Flight Project." During its development, the whole project was maintained in secrecy, never being shown to the public.[4] Since the planned expedition would go through the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, it was decided that its crew members would bring their families so they could colonize hospitable worlds on the way. Although the Republic had its official policy regarding the mission of Outbound Flight, C'baoth had his own plans for the project, envisioning it as being the catalyst for the discovery of other Force-sensitive species who could join the Jedi.[3]

However, as time passed, the enthusiasm of the political class about C'baoth's brainchild began to weaken. It soon became apparent that the Outbound Flight project was in jeopardy of being sidelined by the Republic's bureaucracy when the Financial Appropriations Committee of the Senate imposed a series of budget cuts. Furthermore, the Jedi Order also started to step back from the project. While Grand Master Yoda had agreed to assign several Jedi to the project, at the end of the day he was thinking of allowing only one or two. However, although the project was in jeopardy, C'baoth was still fixed on the project coming to life[3]

Gathering funds[]

"In a word: Outbound Flight. […] Which is what makes Outbound Flight all the more important, […] We need to find out what dangers or threats might be lurking out in the Unknown Regions, or poised to invade from another galaxy"
"Dangers? […] I was under the impression that
Outbound Flight's purpose was to search for new life and potential Force-users outside our borders. Certainly that was the rationale given in the original proposal. […]"
"If I can resolve this dispute for you, will you instruct Appropriations to restore
Outbound Flight's full funding?"
"I can't make any promises, […] Certainly not where the Senate is concerned. But I believe in
Outbound Flight, Master C'baoth, and I'll do everything in my power to make sure your dream is realized."
―Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth[3]

Passel Argente was saved by C'baoth

After Outbound Flight's budget had been cut once again, C'baoth and his Padawan, Lorana Jinzler, traveled to the Supreme Chancellor's office, where C'baoth confronted Kinman Doriana, one of Palpatine's aides, and Palpatine himself. At the office, Palpatine and Doriana attempted to dismiss the truth behind C'baoth's visit, which failed, however, shortly after C'baoth completely dismissed Doriana, the Jedi Master and Palpatine engaged in a conversation regarding Outbound Flight. As the project's budget had been cut, and the support had decreased, C'baoth requested that it had to come back. Upon Palpatine rejecting it constantly, stating that "he could not make it happen without the senate's approval," Doriana stated that there was something that C'baoth could do to get his funding back, solving a dispute between the Corporate Alliance and the Brolf people, which had been caused by the Corporate Alliance wishing to extract minerals from Brolf. C'baoth accepted to resolve the conflict if Outbound Flight got its funding back, and departed for Barlok.[3]

At Barlok, Jinzler and C'baoth met with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker, who admired C'baoth, and in turn, impressed C'baoth with his progress. Kenobi and his Padawan had been sent by Jedi Master Mace Windu, the leader of the Jedi council to spy on C'baoth as the council was suspicious of the leader of Outbound Flight's activities. Wishing to become separated from the rest, C'baoth left Jinzler with the observers while he met with Brolf Guildmaster Gilfrome of the Mining Guild and the Corporate Alliance's leader, Koorivar Passel Argente in an attempt to mediate the conflict. While Kenobi's party investigated a plot to kill Argente and all involved with the conflict developed by a Human known as "Defender," who was in fact, Kinman Doriana serving Palpatine's Sith identity of Darth Sidious, C'baoth mediated the conflict.[3]

Eventually, Jinzler uncovered the plot, and was captured by Brolf conspirators. However, Kenobi and Skywalker freed her, uncovering a missile that was set to destroy all at the meeting between the Corporate Alliance and the Mining Guild. The party traveled to where the meeting was being held, although they attempted to stop the missile, the missile continued its path, eventually reaching the meeting room. To Kenobi's surprise, however, C'baoth used his mastery of telekinesis to stop the incoming missile, while he addressed the conflict's participants and told them that the Corporate Alliance would be allowed to extract the minerals from Barlok, destroying the missile shortly after with the Force.[3]

Outbound Flight flies[]

"It's quite impressive."
"It's more than just impressive. Therein lies the future of the galaxy."
―Jorus C'baoth and Lorana Jinzler upon seeing Outbound Flight[3]

Falling to the dark side, C'baoth Force-chokes Thrawn.

After the Jedi Master thwarted the assassination attempt on Barlok, Palpatine and the Senate gave C'baoth's Project the support that C'Baoth believed it would need, as well as the necessary warships and crew. The Jedi Master, though, did not suspect that Palpatine would also be the one to secretly sabotage the project. Darth Sidious, the Chancellor's Sith persona, had C'baoth cloned in the disguise of a blood test shortly before the launch of the Outbound Flight project, covering it as a test for hive viruses. Sidious also sent his minion, Doriana, ahead of the Outbound Flight along with Special Task Force One, consisting of two fully armed Lucrehulk-class battleships to destroy C'baoth's project, thus effectively killing several dozen Jedi as well as C'baoth himself. As planned, C'baoth was one of the six Jedi Masters aboard the project when it departed from Yaga Minor in 27 BBY. Once the Outbound Flight was launched, C'baoth increasingly took control over all of the ship's aspects, even going so far as to take Force-sensitive children away from their parents in the middle of the night to be trained as Jedi. By establishing himself as the de facto leader over all aspects of the ship, even overruling the Mon Calamari captain of the vessels, Captain Pakmillu, he earned the resentment of the colonists and crew who had initially joined the Outbound Flight to seek a better life. Although several Jedi aboard the vessel, including Kenobi, Jedi Master Justyn Ma'Ning, and others warned C'baoth about his rise in power and him doing what they considered wrong, C'baoth continued with his agenda to create more Jedi.[3]

After Skywalker and Kenobi left Outbound Flight at the planet of Roxuli following Palpatine's request to do so, the Outbound Flight and all its passengers entered the Unknown Regions. Upon the massive starship's arrival, it was confronted by Chiss Picket Force Two's commander, Force Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo with the Core name of "Thrawn", who contacted C'baoth and met with him aboard Outbound Flight. The Chiss told C'baoth to remove his vessel from Chiss space, to which C'baoth did not comply. Although the passengers of the starship wished to remove C'baoth's tyranny from the vessel, C'baoth used the Force to silence all of them, including their leader, Chas Uliar. He then ordered Jinzler to get all of them in the storage core following Thrawn's departure.[3]


"No! […] Master C'baoth—no!"
―Jedi Knight Lorana Jinzler on her Master's fall to the Dark side[3]

The Chiss commander waited an hour, and then, attempted to negotiate with C'baoth again, being cut off by the Jedi. Seeing his efforts as a failure, Thrawn ordered his forces—droid starfighters or vulture droids—to launch an attack on the incoming alien forces, who had been brought at the Outbound Flight's position by Human smuggler Jorj Car'das. The two hundred alien vessels, Vagaari warships and civilian transports' crews were killed after all Jedi aboard Outbound Flight performed a Force meld led by C'baoth. Leaving all Jedi paralyzed by the wave of death caused by the Vagaari, the Jedi aboard were unable to defend themselves from the incoming droid starfighters. However, as the Outbound Flight was crippled, C'baoth gave into his anger and turned to the Dark side of the Force. His Padawan sensed his fall and attempted to reach him in time to save him, however, the Chiss attack on the vessel made her unable to. C'baoth then opened a comm channel with Thrawn, and choked Thrawn in an attempt to kill him.[3]

However, Doriana, who was aboard the Springhawk, Thrawn's flagship, pushed a button that ordered all vulture droids to fire their radiation bombs at Outbound Flight, which killed everyone aboard, including C'baoth, but the fifty-seven prisoners and Jinzler, who had been sent there by C'baoth.[3]


"Who is it we've brought aboard the Chimaera? I should have thought that obvious. Joruus C'baoth—note the telltale mispronunciation of the name Jorus—is a clone."
―Grand Admiral Thrawn[15]

Joruus C'baoth, Jorus' clone

Palpatine had extracted analysis-grade blood and tissue samples, the secretly Dark Lord of the Sith[3] cloned C'baoth using Spaarti cloning cylinders, which made Jorus' Force-sensitive clone, Joruus C'baoth, go insane.[16] Joruus was found at the planet of Wayland by now-Grand Admiral Thrawn, who used the clone in his decisive campaign against the reborn Jedi Order and the successor of Palpatine's Galactic Empire, the New Republic. Using the clone's—and subsequently, Jorus'—force powers, Joruus became a major player in Thrawn's campaign.[15]

Given that the Great Jedi Purge created by Jorus' friend, Palpatine, had destroyed most records relating to the Jedi and that Wayland itself was a carefully hidden secret, almost no one knew that Joruus C'baoth was a clone, except for Thrawn, who had killed the original when destroying Outbound Flight.[15] Due to deteriorating sanity from the unstable Spaarti cloning cylinders as well as long isolation, even Joruus C'baoth forgot his true origins and believed himself to be the original Master C'baoth.[17] However, the insane Dark Jedi was killed at the hands of Human Mara Jade Skywalker at the clone's planet of origin, Wayland. Which after Thrawn's death, ended the Chiss' campaign.[17]

Personality and traits[]

"Let's dispense with the pleasantries, Chancellor. This isn't a social visit."
―Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine[3]

A wild-eyed Human[3] with a chiseled face,[18] Jorus C'baoth was a tall man of average build, and was considered fairly muscular.[4] His clone, Joruus, stood at 1.9 meters.[19] At the time of the Alderaan Ascendency Contention, he had a neatly trimmed short beard.[4] Walking with long loping strides, he simply expected other beings to make room for him, stepping to either side, for he never conceded to other, inferior beings the right of way.[3] C'baoth's manner of speaking was direct, unadorned, no-nonsense. He spoke in a husky baritone voice.[18] C'baoth was known to believe in the superiority of the Jedi, his unapologetic conviction was that the Jedi were far above the galaxy's average non-Force users, and therefore they had the right to rule over them, be they outlaws, thieves, bureaucrats, or senators. His proud attitude of superiority caused several Jedi to be disturbed by his views, including his own Padawan Lorana Jinzler—to whom he was especially brutal, considering he was her Jedi Master.[3]

C'baoth was also extremely arrogant in his dealings, not only with non-Force users, but also with his fellow Jedi. That arrogance, as it combined with his often severe attitudes, divided many Jedi on their perception and/or approbation of the Jedi Master. Some believed that he was the consummate model of what it meant to be a Jedi, while others vehemently disagreed with his methods and remained very wary of him and his extremist views. C'baoth was among the very few Jedi Masters who indulged an unqualified admiration of Anakin Skywalker, and the Padawan's prodigious youth, in turn, Skywalker admired the master, believing him to be a powerful Jedi who he could learn a lot from.[3]


Obi-Wan Kenobi[]

"It is if the lure of such advanced techniques goads them into pressing ahead too quickly and too impatiently."
"Speak carefully, Master Kenobi, […] Such impatience is the mark of the dark side. I will not have you accuse me of walking that path, nor of guiding others along it."
"I don't accuse you of anything, […] Except perhaps of having overly high expectations of those under your tutelage."
―Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi[3]

C'baoth was an unorthodox Jedi

Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth held a major dislike toward Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, as the latter viewed C'baoth's way of teaching as a path toward the Dark side, and constantly suggested that C'baoth used the dark side. However, C'baoth considered his teachings as a way to make his apprentice ambitious, and to reach beyond their limits, stating it worked as Skywalker was a powerful Padawan already. During their time together, Kenobi was disturbed by the arrogant Jedi Master's way of speaking and techniques, as well as the use of advanced Jedi techniques, such as the Force meld, which Kenobi considered dangerous.[3]

Anakin Skywalker[]

"But you do want to come see the Unknown Regions with me? […]"
"I don't want to leave the Republic forever, […] But I was impressed by how you handled things on Barlok, ending the deadlock and all. I think I'd learn a lot just by watching you in your daily activities."
―Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth and Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker[3]

C'baoth admired Skywalker, as the young Padawan had become far more powerful than what a normal Padawan would have achieved, which he constantly reminded his Padawan, Jinzler, of. The admiration went both ways, as Skywalker viewed C'baoth as a powerful, direct, and knowledgeable Jedi Master, and Skywalker also wished to spend more time with C'baoth, as he believed he could learn a lot by watching C'baoth do his daily activities.[3]

Lorana Jinzler[]

"I don't think I've ever met anyone before who was trained by Master C'baoth, […] What's he like to study with? […]"
"It's been a valuable learning experience, […] Master C'baoth has a depth and strength in the Force that I can only hope I'll someday be able to approach."
―Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Knight Lorana Jinzler[3]

The Jedi Master was arrogant and harsh toward Jinzler, as she had not reached the power Skywalker had obtained in a shorter time. However, once she achieved the title of Jedi Knight, C'baoth was very proud of Jinzler, viewing her as a fully-fleshed-out Jedi. C'baoth was admired by Jinzler, as he was considered powerful by his Padawan, and a man who had taught her a lot of valuable lessons, both in the Force and in daily life. Both cared for each other, most notably, shortly before C'baoth's death, Jinzler attempted to reach D-One to help C'baoth when he had fallen to the dark side.[3]


C'baoth and Palpatine had a long-standing friendship,[11] as C'baoth respected Palpatine and vice versa. With Palpatine's support, C'baoth was able to eventually launch Outbound Flight, which he was not grateful for, as Palpatine had taken "too much time" from the Jedi Master, allowing the bureaucrats and senate to delay the project. However, although both shared a friendship, Palpatine, under his secret Sith identity of Darth Sidious, destroyed Outbound Flight through Thrawn and Doriana, which was "helpful" as Palpatine had killed approximately 20 Jedi at once.[3]

Powers and abilities[]

"As a general rule, nearly all Jedi struck [Kinman Doriana] as pompous and arrogant and obscenely sure of themselves. But even with that head start Jorus C'baoth was in a class by himself."
"'You really don't like him, do you?
―Chancellor Palpatine to his young assistant and advisor[3]

Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth was a very gifted and talented Jedi. As he showed prowess in the Force, he was quickly brought to the Jedi Temple. C'baoth was proficient in telekinesis, as he showcased during the dispute on Barlok, where he stopped an incoming missile to explode and collide with its targets. The talented Jedi was also able to perform Force-Choke through a simple video transmission, choking someone at lightyears ahead of him, which he used against Thrawn before his death. Another example of his proficiency in the force was his ability in Force Meld, being able to anchor several Jedi in a row, and not being exhausted afterward, but being unaffected after performing several melds.[3] Among C'baoth's other Force abilities were the common Jedi mind trick, Force stealth, telepathy, battlemind, Force sight, farsight, Force healing, and Force empathy.[11]

His skill with the Force eventually culminated in imposing himself on the title of Jedi Master thanks to his prowess in the Force. However, although no one approved his decision, the Jedi High Council and Jedi saw it as a well-deserved promotion.[1] He also was a highly intelligent man, being able to speak fluently in Galactic Basic Standard, expanding on his ability to read and write ancient Onderonian. He could also speak Huttese.[11]


Jorus C'baoth wore a dark brown cloak and light-colored Jedi robes. He did not use a lightsaber.[3]

Behind the scenes[]


"'C'baoth,' incidentally, is pronounced 'SA-bay-oth,' with the first vowel pronounced like the 'a' in 'has.' If I'd realized how hard it was going to be for everyone else to figure out, I would have changed the spelling."
―Timothy Zahn[src]

Jorus C'baoth was first mentioned in the 1991 novel Heir to the Empire, the first entry of The Thrawn Trilogy, which was written by Timothy Zahn. While the Jedi Master didn't appear himself in the book, a mad clone of C'baoth served as one of the novel's main antagonists.[15] The original Jorus C'baoth made his first brief appearance in Episode I Adventures 1: Search for the Lost Jedi, a 1999 novel written by Ryder Windham.[13] After those cameos,[18] Timothy Zahn fleshed out his character in 2006 by writing Outbound Flight, a novel centered on the events surrounding C'baoth's demise and life.[3]

Timeline and continuity issues[]

"Jorus C'baoth. Human. Born in Reithcas, on Bortras, on 4\3\112. Pre-Empire date."
―Galactic Senate records on Jorus C'baoth as shown in Dark Force Rising[4]

The second installment in the trilogy, Dark Force Rising, included a very thorough biography of C'baoth, complete with a "Pre-Empire" dating system using a month\day\year notation.[4] However, Zahn's original dating was based on when he believed the Clone Wars took place. At the time, George Lucas had not settled on the final timeline, and Star Wars authors were told that the Clone Wars took place thirty-five years before Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. However, with the release of the prequel trilogy between 1999 and 2005, it was revealed that the Clone Wars ended only nineteen years before Episode IV. Therefore, all the dates featured in the Thrawn Trilogy were off by at least sixteen years.[20] In 2002, C'baoth's birth date was retconned to 70 BBY in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook.[11]

According to The Essential Guide to Characters, C'baoth's last name is pronounced "Sub-Bay-Eth."[21] However, Zahn has stated that it is pronounced "SA-bay-oth," with the first vowel pronounced like the a in has. Timothy Zahn commented that had he realized how hard it would be for everyone else to figure out the pronunciation, he would have changed the spelling.[20] Jorus C'baoth was originally named as the Jedi who quelled the insurrection of several Bpfasshi Dark Jedi during the Clone Wars.[4] After the exact date of the Clone Wars was revealed, that became impossible, as C'baoth had died five years earlier.[3] Yoda was then named as the Jedi Master responsible for opposing the insurrection[22] some time after the end of the war.[23]



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