The Jospro sector was in the Outer Rim Territories, in the Slice. Planets in Jospro included Cardooine, Engira, Trogan, Waskiro, and Dar'Or. Wilek Nereus served in the sector at some point prior to his appointment at Bakura.

Jospro sector planets were home to the ix dbukrii, a small parasite which, when introduced into humanoid brains, created permanent scarring of the neocortex, creating symptoms similar to advanced senility.

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Star Wars: Rebellion incorrectly places Kiffex, Crondre, Azbrian, and Douglas III in the Jospro Sector. Kiffex is in the Azurbani system as part of the Kiffu sector; Douglas III is in the Centrality; Chrondre is in the Mid Rim; Azbrian is in the Core.

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