Jour-un was a major port city and trading hub on the planet Bardotta.


Constructed circa 6000 BBY on a natural harbor in a narrow fjord, Jour-un was surrounded on all sides by the sheer granite cliffs of Bardotta's mountains. The city's population constructed a narrow switchback track up the cliff face to allow trade over land, while watercraft once made the port at Jour-un the planet's greatest trading hub. Over time, the maritime industry was replaced by offworld shipping, and the port was converted into a spaceport farther inland. The harbor was converted into residential and commercial districts, with floating structures connected by a network of canals and bridges.[1]

Carefully monitoring trade, the city's bureaucracy protected the interests of the Dagoyan Order by ensuring no ancient artifacts were smuggled offworld. Law enforcement was left to a City Guard, whose agents patrolled the streets and maintained informants at the spaceport to ensure the laws were observed. Gondolas poled their way through the canals of the old harbor, ferrying the world's greatest merchants to and from business appointments.[1]


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