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"We're not police and we're not medicos. We're journalists, and our first duty is to report the facts."
Madhi Vaandt[1]

A journalist or reporter was someone who reported on events for a living in the news media. These events included anything from the death of a political leader to the marriage of a Holodrama celebrity.


"We didn't have journalists on my planet, so I really don't understand how your mind works. But if you could take this blaster and shoot at the things about to tear us apart—while you talk to those cams—it would be appreciated."
Arbeloa, to Cianba, during the Battle of Shramar[2]
Cianba Shramar

Cianba, a journalist reporting a battle with her holocamera during the Yuuzhan Vong War

Den Dhur and Hallis Saper were two notable journalists, and The Perre Needmo Newshour was a famous journalistic HoloNet show, hosted by respected anchor Perre Needmo.

Sometimes, when reporting cases of great danger, journalists were injured or killed. One journalist killed while reporting was the Devaronian female Madhi Vaandt, who in 44 ABY, reported on the killing of Octusi slaves by Mandalorian mercenaries during a slave rebellion on the planet Blaudu Sextus and was killed by Belok Rhal, the leader of the Mandalorians.



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