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Journey Through Space is a young readers book written by Ryder Windham that was published by DK at reading level 2. Originally released in 2005, it was reissued on January 19, 2015 with new cover artwork and additional cover spreads throughout the book, adding 16 pages of content not found in the previous edition.

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In DK's Level 2 Reader, Star Wars: Journey Through Space, readers are taken on an imaginary journey through the Star Wars galaxy, touching down on lots of wonderful planets from Revenge of the Sith and meeting some unusual characters along the way. With additional genre spreads added throughout, Star Wars: Journey Through Space introduces beginner readers to the Star Wars universe in a galaxy far, far away...

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  • ISBN 9781465433893; DK Children, January 19, 2015, hardcover[1]
  • ISBN 9781465433909; DK Children, January 19, 2015, paperback[2]
  • ISBN 9780241186336; DK Children, February 2, 2015, DK Reads hardcover[3]
  • ISBN 9789176176641; Tukan Förlag, October 3, 2016, Swedish hardcover[4]
  • ISBN 9781465439161; DK Children, May 4, 2017, eBook[2]

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