Tall and dignified, Jovive Centi was the governor of the Chandrilan capital of Hanna and an influential member of the democratic Chandrilan House during the years leading up to and immediately following the Battle of Yavin.


When not working, she would often stroll through the streets of Hanna, striking up conversations with the citizens and joining the impromptu political discussions that frequently cropped up near the debate rotunda. Whenever she appeared in public, she would always be accompanied by Tristan Pex, her administrative aide and personal bodyguard. Tristan would later die at the hands of the Malkite Poisoner Ratambo Gale, whom Pex believed had been attempting to assassinate Centi during a public rally. In truth, Gale had been gunning for Pex all along, but that didn't stop Centi from receiving a tremendous sympathy vote and winning reelection in a landslide victory.


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