"Nothing more satisfying than a generous client."
―Jozzel Moffet[5]

Jozzel Moffet was a female near-Human handmaiden in the service of Malta the Hutt before the Battle of Yavin. Having taken the job in the hopes of seeking her fortune, she saw her chance to break away from her master and do just that after learning of the existence of the Yavin Vassilika. Moffet manipulated Malta, along with the Hutts Embra and Jabba, into a contest to see who could locate the Vassilika first—her true intention was to steal the artifact and sell it to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Each Hutt assembled a team to locate the Vassilika and Moffet followed them in their search, eventually joining up with Jabba's team, led by Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. After locating the Vassilika on an uncharted planet in the Unknown Regions, Moffet turned on her companions, stealing the Vassilika and heading for a rendezvous with General Jan Dodonna of the Rebel Alliance. After receiving her payment from the Rebels, however, she was in turn double-crossed by Embra's handmaiden, Farquil Ban'n, and shot dead in the jungles of the fourth moon of Yavin.



"I can kneel as long as he needs me, but one of these days I'm gonna break out and collect my own fortune."
"Jozzel! Wine!"
"…One day reeeeeall soon…"
―Jozzel Moffet and Malta the Hutt[4]

Jozzel Moffet and Malta the Hutt

By 1 BBY,[1] Jozzel Moffet was working as a handmaiden for Malta the Hutt. Moffet saw the job as a way to seek her fortune and hoped to one day break out of the Hutt's service. Her opportunity came shortly after the Battle of Ylesia, when she learned from the Kubaz spy Garindan that Illyan Webble, the president of Seraphan Industries who had been missing since his ship had crashed on an uncharted planet in Wild Space, had turned up on Kalkovak and had told traders of an object on the world he had crashed on that resembled the fabled Yavin Vassilika, a priceless gem.[4]

Knowing that whoever found the Vassilika could become very wealthy, Moffet began negotiating with General Jan Dodonna of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, known to her only as the "Collector," to retrieve the artifact and deliver it to them. The Rebels were eager to acquire the artifact and were willing to cover her expenses in locating it, as well as promising a four million credit reward upon delivery. Moffet was unaware of the Vassilika's true value to the Rebels—it contained the key to the Great Temple on Yavin 4, which was to serve as their new base of operations.[2] Knowing that she would be unable to retrieve the Vassilika alone, Moffet decided to enlist the help of her Hutt master. While Malta met with fellow Hutts Jabba and Embra in Jabba's Palace on Tatooine, Moffet overheard an argument between the three Hutts over whose "management style" was the best and seized her opportunity. She proposed a treasure hunt to locate the Vassilika—whichever Hutt found it would have the knowledge that their style was superior, along with ownership of the priceless relic. Though the Hutts were initially skeptical, Moffet and Garindan were able to convince them and they agreed to the wager.[4]

Each Hutt was allowed to hire three contractors for the hunt. Embra hired the bounty hunters Zuckuss, 4-LOM and Sardu Sallowe to work as a team while Jabba hired the gambler and treasure hunter Lando Calrissian and the smuggling team of Han Solo and Chewbacca to conduct individual searches. To protect his contractors from the competition, Jabba enlisted the services of the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Malta, meanwhile, opted for a team of bounty hunters comprising of the Human Dengar, the Trandoshan Bossk and the assassin droid IG-88B. Not entirely trusting his contractors, Malta instructed Moffet to follow them and ensure they stay focused on the task. She promised to do so, informing the Hutt that she had already had their ships tagged and monitored. In truth, Moffet had her own plans and contacted IG-88B before the droid met with her master to offer him a deal—she would pay the group 300,000 credits to deliver the Vassilika to her at a place of her choosing and she would provide them with a forgery, supplied by the Rebels, to present to Malta to claim their reward. After Malta had briefed the group, Moffet caught up with them outside and they agreed to her deal.[4]

The hunt begins[]

Lando Calrissian: "Ohhh, that was stupid…"
Jozzel Moffet: "I hit him, didn't I?"
Han Solo: "Believe me, sister, it ain't that easy…"
―Lando Calrissian and Han Solo comment on Moffet's attempt to shoot Boba Fett[6]

Jozzel Moffet, Han Solo and Lando Calrissian investigate the Knowledge Bank.

Moffet followed the bounty hunters to Crevasse City on Kalkovak and stayed at a discreet distance while they followed Illyan Webble's trail to the city's Quarren sector. There, she was contacted by Dodonna, who wanted to check on her progress. Moffet kept the conversation short, but the distraction had allowed the bounty hunters to get out of her sight and she was forced to begin searching the nearby market for them. Though the bounty hunters remained elusive, she was soon given another opportunity when she encountered Lando Calrissian, performing his own search for Webble on Jabba's behalf. Knowing that she had the chance to increase her chances of getting the Vassilika first, Moffet offered Calrissian a similar deal—400,000 credits to retrieve it for her, in exchange for the forgery to deliver to Jabba. Their negotiations, however, were cut short by the arrival of Solo, Chewbacca and the Rodian Greedo. Solo had ascertained that Webble had left the planet bound for Mon Calamari, but had attracted the attention of Malta's hunters and was now being pursued. When Solo informed Calrissian that the hunters were after him too, Moffet and Calrissian decided to follow the others and the group soon fled the planet on Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon.[5]

After the Millennium Falcon arrived at one of Mon Calamari's floating cities, Moffet repeated her offer to Solo. Calrissian attempted to persuade her to work exclusively with him, but Moffet informed him that her employer wanted the Vassilika located by any means necessary. Though somewhat reluctant, Solo and Calrissian began working together and soon discovered that Webble had stolen an impounded skiff and headed out across the vast ocean of Mon Calamari. The group rented a skiff in order to pursue him, but before they could depart, a Jawa working for Sardu Sallowe planted an explosive in the vehicle's engine. The skiff headed out to the Knowledge Bank, a sentient cluster of mollusks that was aware of all events that happened on the ocean world and was Webble's last known location. However, Sallowe, Zuckuss and 4-LOM had reached the Bank first and were just leaving when Moffet's party arrived. As he left, Sallowe detonated the explosive on his rivals' skiff, leaving them stranded on the ocean.[6]

Moffet soon heard a voice coming from the sea below. After changing into wetsuits, Moffet, Solo and Calrissian entered the water to investigate and discovered the wreckage of Webble's skiff, along with his partially eaten body. Fortunately for the treasure hunters, the Knowledge Bank had telepathically absorbed Webble's memories before he died and Moffet was able to make out the coordinates of the world where he had discovered the Yavin Vassilika from among the wave of thoughts coming from the Bank. However, the rush of thoughts overwhelmed Moffet, causing her to lose consciousness and Solo to have to carry her back to the surface. While Moffet was unconscious, the group surfaced to find Dengar, Bossk and IG-88B waiting for them on their skiff, with Chewbacca and Greedo as their prisoners. The bounty hunters revealed to the group that Moffet worked for Malta the Hutt and had hired them to find the Vassilika. However, the face-off was soon broken by the arrival of Boba Fett and the bounty hunters' skiff was destroyed in the encounter, allowing Solo, Calrissian, Chewbacca and Greedo to reach the safety of the bounty hunters' own skiff, taking Moffet with them. She awoke shortly afterward to see Fett hovering above them using his jetpack. Misreading the situation, Moffet grabbed a nearby blaster and used it to shoot Fett's jetpack before Calrissian could stop her, sending the bounty hunter crashing into the water. Solo promptly took the stolen skiff back to the floating city, leaving the four bounty hunters behind.[6]

Retrieving the Vassilika[]

"So why did you want that thing so bad, anyway? It's pretty, but four mil is an awful lot for a paperweight."
―Jozzel Moffet, to Jan Dodonna[2]

After returning to the Millennium Falcon, the group left Mon Calamari and headed into Wild Space to retrieve the Vassilika. During the journey, Moffet told her companions the truth about the wager, her second employer and her desire to break free of Malta's employ. When the ship arrived at the uncharted planet, however, they discovered that another ship had beaten them to it—Zuckuss, 4-LOM and Sallowe were already on the planet's surface. After landing, Moffet was insistent that they needed to locate the Vassilika quickly in order to beat their rivals. Guided by Webble's memories, Moffet led the group into the forest but they soon found themselves under attack from some of the forest's many predators. Running from the attack, the group emerged into a clearing containing a small Barundi village and the creatures abandoned their pursuit.[7]

The Barundi villagers initially gave the newcomers a warm welcome; however, when Moffet spotted the Yavin Vassilika and approached the ancient relic, the natives turned hostile and Moffet was knocked to the floor by a stone thrown by one of the Barundi. Calrissian drew his blaster in an effort to protect Moffet, but he and the others were outnumbered and soon captured by the villagers. During the fight, the dazed Moffet was able to crawl safely away from the village. Back in the forest, she used her comlink to contact Dodonna and reported that she had located the Vassilika and had merely to package it for transport. Dodonna arranged to meet with her in the jungles of the fourth moon of Yavin to make the exchange. However, the conversation was overheard by Malta's bounty hunters. Dengar announced the group's intention to execute Moffet for betraying them by working with Solo and Calrissian, but Moffet was able to persuade them that she only contacted the others because the hunters seemed more concerned with catching Solo than finding the Vassilika—now that she had located it, she offered them 450,000 credits to help her retrieve it. The hunters agreed and Moffet led the way back to the Barundi village.[7]

Once again, the forests proved dangerous and the group came under attack from predators. As the bounty hunters opened fire, Moffet led a hasty retreat to the village. This time, however, the predators did not give up but followed the group into the village itself. Caught between the predators and the angry Barundi villagers, Moffet once again found herself caught in the middle of a firefight. Taking advantage of the chaos, one of Sallowe's Jawas entered the village and stole the Yavin Vassilika. However, the Jawa was quickly brought down by Solo, whose group had just been set free by Fett, causing him to drop the Vassilika. As Moffet moved toward the forest, a large predator emerged and moved to attack her, only to be killed by Fett. The blast that finished off the beast sent Moffet and Solo flying, leading the Vassilika to once again drop to the floor. Moving quickly, Moffet was able to retrieve the artifact once more, along with Solo's keys to the Millennium Falcon, and disappeared into the forest as the remaining bounty hunters arrived and the situation turned into a standoff between the treasure hunters.[2]


Bria Tharen and Jan Dodonna examine the Yavin Vassilika.

Stealing Solo's vessel, Moffet headed for her rendezvous on Yavin 4. On the surface she was met by Dodonna, along with Commander Bria Tharen and a pair of Rebel troopers. After Tharen confirmed that the Vassilika was genuine, the Rebels took possession of it and gave Moffet the forgery and a case containing her payment. However, the deal was interrupted by the arrival of Solo's group, having been brought there aboard Zuckuss's ship. When Malta's own hunters arrived soon after, the treasure hunters resumed fighting among themselves, during which one of Sallowe's Jawas was able to grab the money and fled into the jungle. Greedo gave chase, followed closely by Moffet. The Rodian was able to catch the Jawa but, while the two fought, Moffet took the case and started to run. She did not get far—Embra's own handmaiden, Farquil Ban'n, having worked out Moffet's plan and following her to Yavin, shot her in the back as she ran. With Moffet dead in the jungles of Yavin 4, Ban'n gave Embra's hunters the forgery to deliver to her master while she escaped with the Rebel money.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"I have a talent for sensing when a beautiful woman is trying to take advantage of me…"
"I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed now. I should probably leave…"
"Don't you dare… I said I could tell. I didn't say I never let her…"
―Lando Calrissian flirts with Moffet[5]

Jozzel Moffet and Lando Calrissian

Jozzel Moffet was a female member of a near-Human species distinguished by a chain of blue spots on each arm.[3] Although she worked for Malta the Hutt, Moffet was far from a subservient handmaiden. Though willing to obey him while it suited her purpose, she thought Hutts were smug and unpleasant individuals and spoke of her disgust to others, including Embra's handmaiden Farquil Ban'n and Jabba's majordomo Bib Fortuna. Ultimately, Moffet waited for an opportunity to break out on her own and seek her fortune.[4] In this goal she was highly focused, being willing to go to any lengths necessary to succeed, though she always put her own safety first.[7] Moffet was highly manipulative, maneuvering the Hutts into assisting her search for the Vassilika[4] and the Rebels into paying any expenses she incurred along the way.[5] She took advantage of her physical attributes to manipulate the various treasure hunters she encountered during the search for the Yavin Vassilika, including Lando Calrissian and Dengar. More than once her feminine wiles got her out of a tight spot.[4][5][7]

Behind the scenes[]

Jozzel Moffet was created by Mike Kennedy for the Dark Horse Comics series Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika, in which she was drawn by Carlos Meglia and first appeared in Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika 1,[4] published December 13, 2000.[8] In 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, Jozzel Moffet's last name is spelled as "Moffett."[3]


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