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These three Duros bankers on Jubalene lived during the Republic Dark Age. In 1032 BBY, they were captured by Sith Lord Odion's principality during an invasion of the Bactranate. They subsequently were hoodwinked into adopting Odion's beliefs of embracing death and took part in a berserker attack on a rancor which cost them their lives.


These three Duros worked as bankers in the Bactranate, a Sith rump-state ruled by Sith Lord Ayanos Bactra. In 1032 BBY, the Bactranate was conquered and annexed by the Sith Lords Daiman and Odion. These three Duros were taken captive by Odion's forces and sent to work as slave laborers in Jubalene, a barren foundry world in the Odionate and temporary capital for Odion. In a bid to escape their captivity, they bought into Odion's nihilistic religion which emphasized embracing death and volunteered or were coerced into fighting a rancor at an arena.

For this fight, the trio were dressed in loincloths, cloaks and puttees which exposed much of their bodies. The Duros were also armed with primitive spears. When confronted by the rancor, one of the Duros expressed his fear to Odion, saying that they were bankers not warriors. Odion merely rebuffed their lack of faith by telling them that who they thought they were was an illusion and told them to "end the pain." In response, the three Duros repeated Odion's phrase and entered into a berserker rage. In desperation, they attacked the rancor only to be killed and eaten alive in the presence of a gloating Odion.

Odion drew his dark side powers from embracing the deaths of other sentients. He explained to his Novitiates including a disguised Kerra Holt that individuals when properly motivated were willing to embrace death. He surmised that their berserker rage was fed from the anguish and misery of the millions of slave workers in Jubalene's war forges. Later, Odion and his general Beld Yulan returned to the same arena to watch several of Bactra's former accountants taking on a gundark armed only with datapads.


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