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Jubba birds were a non-sentient species of bird native to the swamps of the planet Dagobah, where they made their nests using mud. The birds were capable of manipulating the Force, which they used to calm others through songs. During the Galactic Civil War, a handful of smugglers captured jubba birds from the canopies of Dagobah, as the birds' soothing songs were prized throughout the galaxy.

Biology and appearance[]

Jubba birds were a species of non-sentient bird[1] with two yellow eyes, a puffy brown[2] or red crest, and skin that ranged from purple-and-red[3] to purple-and-brown in coloration. They featured two yellow wings, a lengthy purple tail with two widely separated ends, and a pair of spindly brown legs ending in three-clawed feet. They had a wide yellow beak[2] with serrated edges on both mandibles[3] and two nostrils located on the upper mandible.[2]


Jubba birds were native to the swamplands of the planet Dagobah, where they used mud[4] scooped from Dragonsnake Bog to make heavy nests that weighed down the trees in which they were built.[5] As natural Force-users,[1] the birds were known for their soothing songs,[2] which reached beyond simple melodies and could calm creatures and beings through subtle manipulation of the Force.[1] Jubba birds flew low enough above Dagobah's swamps to be within range of a dragonsnake rearing up from under the surface of the water to try and catch the bird in its jaws.[3]


A dragonsnake attacks a jubba bird.

A handful of smugglers were among the only individuals who knew of Dagobah during the Galactic Civil War, and they occasionally traveled to the planet in order to capture jubba birds, which were prized throughout the galaxy for their songs.[1]

Due to the dangers on Dagobah's surface, the smugglers never landed on the planet, instead snatching jubba birds from the upper section of the jungle canopy in their starships before leaving. Even with these precautions, flying leaf-tails still sometimes managed to cause near-catastrophic damage to the smugglers' ships by tearing out wiring.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Jubba birds were first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon in the 2015 reissue of Journey Through Space, a young-readers book written by Ryder Windham.[4] They were later pictured in the 2016 canon reference book Star Wars: Galactic Atlas, which was illustrated by Tim McDonagh.[2] The species was originally created for "Glah Ubooki's Strange & Wondrous Imports," a Star Wars Legends article written by Shane Hensley and published in the February 1994 first issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journal magazine series.[6]


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