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The Jubba bird was a Force-sensitive reptavian native to Dagobah. Jubba birds built their nests out of sticks and plants, using mud scooped from the swamps of Dagobah to hold the nest together. This made the nests heavy, often causing them to droop downwards into the swamps, where predators were waiting to gobble up the eggs.

Jubba were deceptively intelligent birds, though domesticated jubba often played dumb to avoid harassment from ignorant owners. Birds sold to appreciative owners sometimes allowed their innate intelligence to show, and became loyal companions. Many jubba birds were captured and sold by vendors as pets prized for their mesmerizing song. This song was a highly soothing whistle that it manipulated through the Force.


Native to the planet Dagobah, the Jubba bird was a brightly colored[1] reptavian[2] whose feathers were shades of red and purple.[3] Although the Jubba was only 0.3 meters long, it had a wingspan of a meter. Jubba birds were predators, and their diet was varied. Their main prey was snakes and rodents,[1] and they would use their large mouths to scoop up swarms of insects while in flight.[3] They were also known to hunt knobby white spiders. Jubbas constructed their nests high in the trees using mud from swamps.[4]


A jubba chases a lesser bogwing

The Jubba's most distinct feature was its unique hum, a soothing and eerie melodic whistle that calmed all but the most angry creatures and beings, and was a manifestation of the Force. To sing, the Jubba had to be content and happy; Jubbas in captivity had to be provided with enough room to allow them to fly unhindered and preen, and to hunt for their own food. It was advised that Jubbas kept as pets be quartered in an outside environment. Their own predators included butcherbugs.[1]

Intelligent creatures, the Jubba presented itself as a beautiful and proud bird that had no capacity for learning, a façade that allowed the Jubbas to remain independent of owners and resist efforts to be trained. However, well-cared for and loved Jubbas formed a bond with their owners and displayed their true intelligence, becoming loyal and valuable companions. Jubbas with this level of trust in a being were able to discern strangers' motivations, search for objects, and sing on command.[1]


After coming into possession of some Jubba birds, the Bimm merchant Glah Ubooki attempted to record the unique song, but the recording did not have the same effect as it was not amplified by the Force. The Ubooki brothers had three of the birds for sale, each located in a different shop, where they retailed for 4,000 credits each.[1]


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