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*{{WizardsCite|url=default.asp?x=starwars/article/sw20010419a|text=Head Trip|int=Head Trip}}

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This article is about the criminal. You may be looking for the warrior.
"Excuse me, but I believe that the object you are discussing was once the property of Riboga the Hutt. As such, it is now the property of Nirama. We will claim it for him. Give it to us, now."

Jubieck was a Sullustan criminal who operated on Tolea Biqua. He found out that Ginder the Bimm was trying to sell the head of L80-RC, which had once belonged to Riboga the Hutt. He figured that he could earn Nirama's favor by retrieving the head for him, so he took Trandoshan legbreakers Orix and Dimogog with him to shake Ginder down. Knowing that the Bimm had been seen repeatedly at the Falling Rodian, the three thugs were there when Ginder met with a group of freelancers he was recruiting to help him. They did not make their move immediately, but when a group of Thaereian soldiers arrived and tried to get the droid head, Jubieck and the Trandoshans approached, claiming the head belonged to Nirama. When Orix made a grab for the head, a three way battle commenced, but Ginder's allies kept control of the head.

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