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Jubilar was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories used as a penal colony by half a dozen of its neighboring worlds, resulting in many civil wars throughout its history. The thriving spice trade within this planet's sector was controlled by the Hutts.

Dying Slowly was one notable town on the planet, which included an entertainment venue called the Victory Forum. The Regional Sector Number Four's All-Human Free-For-All was a popular fighting event held there. On the edge of the city existed a slum known as Executioner's Row.

Boba Fett visited this planet while chasing a bounty in 12 BBY; it was here that he had his first encounter, albeit indirect, with Han Solo, who was a combatant in the Free-For-All. At that time, Solo's identity was unknown to Fett.

Fett returns to the planet in 19 ABY hunting Solo. Tracking down the former smuggler with the help of an old contact they face off, before settling their decades long feud peacefully, both older and less angry than in the past.

Behind the scenes[]

In Spanish Jubilar means 'to retire', fitting thematically with the plot of The Last One Standing. At the end of the story an older Fett wishes to retire from a life of bounty hunting after one last job, returning to Jubilar to hunt down Han Solo.



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