"Everything's a science project to you, Jude."
"Science is the study of the entire material universe. Therefore everything is science—whether you see it or not."
―Ciena and Jude; Jude was known for her rational, scientific outlook[src]

Jude Edivon, designated TI803 in the Imperial Navy, was a human female from Bespin who served as an officer in the Galactic Empire. She attended the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant and shared a room with Ciena Ree and Kendy Idele. After graduating from the Academy, Edivon was stationed aboard the first Death Star, where she discovered a critical weakness in the battle station's superstructure. During the Battle of Yavin, a Rebel pilot named Luke Skywalker exploited said flaw and destroyed the Death Star, killing her and everyone else aboard the battle station.


Imperial Academy[]

"Hmmm. The paths taken by the saboteur are quite circuitous. I traced the information about Thane and—it's as if they wanted to make it look like a higher official here at the academy was responsible…Not an instructor. Someone in the Office of Student Outcomes."
―Jude was known for her cool, rational and analytical mind[src]

Jude and Ciena were invited to a ball at the Imperial Palace.

A human female from the planet Bespin, Jude Edivon attended the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant, in the same class as Ciena Ree, Thane Kyrell, Nash Windrider and Kendy Idele. She and her roommates Ciena and Kendy quickly took a liking to each other and became close friends. During her time at the Imperial Academy, she regularly went to target practice with Ciena and Kendy. On one such lesson, she praised Ciena's marksmanship.[1]

Six months later, after a martial arts training session, Jude and her classmates Ciena and Kendy decided to visit the Museum of Multispecies Sciences to observe marine line. Knowing the close bond between Thane and Ciena, she advised Ciena not to become romantically involved due to the Academy's prohibition on romantic relationships among students. The following day, Jude and her fellow cadets had their improvised laser cannons examined by Commander Harn. This was part of a class project designed to test the cadets' mechanical skills and resourcefulness. When Harn examined Thane's laser cannon, he found that it had been sabotaged. After checking the door panel, Harn determined that Ciena was the culprit.[1]

When Ciena was summoned to Commandant Deenlark's office for disciplining, Jude sprang to her friend's defense. Using her slicing skills, she examined the data logs and found evidence that Ciena had been framed after finding two levels of falsified data. Jude suspected that Thane was involved. Lacking strong evidence to convict or exonerate either party, Deenlark punished Ciena and Thane by failing their laser cannon assignments and downgrading their ranking in the class.[1]

Later, Jude found that her earlier analysis had wrongfully implicated Thane. She summoned her two friends to a network terminal and discussed her new findings, which suggested that the Academy's Office of Student Outcomes had engineered the "laser cannon" incident. While Thane wanted to clear his and Ciena's names and to confront the authorities, Ciena believed that this was not a battle worth fighting over and that they should instead focus on their marks. A heated argument ensued between Thane and Ciena, which ended with Thane storming out of the room after Ciena likened him to his hated father. Jude comforted a distraught Ciena, and counselled her friend to focus on her marks and class ranking.[1]

Two and a half years later, Jude was one of four top-achieving Imperial cadets, including Ciena, Thane, and Ved Foslo, who were invited to a ball at the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, which had formerly been the Jedi Temple during the time of the Galactic Republic. For that ball, she wore a tight-fitting orange fabric and gelled her hair into short spikes. Jude also spotted Princess Leia Organa, the junior senator of Alderaan and the adopted daughter of senator Bail Organa, an outspoken critic of Emperor Sheev Palpatine. While regarding the Organas' mercy missions as misguided, Jude thought they were acting out of a spirit of kindness.[1]

Battle of Yavin[]

"So what happened today—as many people as were lost—even more would die in a massive galactic war,"
"Exactly. Think of the billions who perished in the Clone Wars."
―Ciena and Jude discussing the destruction of Alderaan[src]

Jude warned her superiors about the flaw on the Death Star's exhaust port.

After graduating from the academy, she was given the honor of serving aboard the Death Star. When the battle station obliterated Alderaan with its superlaser in a show of force, many of the young Imperials on the station felt conflicted. Jude struggled to rationalize the massacre, and superficially justified the action in the belief that it would prevent a much greater war in which countless more would die, though she knew this was a hollow reason.[1]

Following these events, the Death Star closed in on the secret base of the Alliance to Restore the Republic on the fourth moon of Yavin. During the Battle of Yavin, Jude analyzed the attack and concluded that the Rebel fighters posed a threat to the station. She discovered the exhaust port no one else suspected to be a weakness[1] (a deliberate act of sabotage engineered by the station's designer Galen Walton Erso, who had been killed earlier that year)[3] and wrote to her superiors that though the chances were remote the consequences could be destructive or fatal to the station.[1] This report eventually reached General Moradmin Bast of the Joint Chiefs, who presented the information to Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, the man in overall command of the battle station. Tarkin, however, rejected Edivon's conclusion and chose to remain on the station instead of ordering an evacuation. But Edivon's and Bast's fears eventually proved right. Shortly afterwards, the Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker fired a pair of proton torpedoes by using the Force into the vulnerable exhaust port, which caused a chain reaction and destroyed the station. Jude, and the remaining personnel aboard the battle station, were all killed in the ensuing explosion.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"Are you going to start quoting statistics again?"
"It's okay to be a science geek. Quote as many statistics as you like, Jude. Kendy and I will get used to it eventually."
―Edivon's roommates Kendy Idele and Ciena Ree discuss her personality[src]

Jude Edivon was a skilled slicer.

Jude was highly adept with technology, and distinguished herself as one of the most academically skilled cadets at the academy. As a smart, calm, rational girl, she presented herself as stoic and unemotional, but she did show a more human side in private. Jude regarded science as the study of the entire material universe and took a scientific approach to every problem and situation. She was a close friend of Ciena Ree and proved to be a loyal friend on a number of occasions, and noted for her kindness and intelligence by Thane Kyrell. Despite her scientific talents, Jude was known for her humility and her willingness to admit when she was wrong.[1]

Her loyalty to the Empire was unwavering, which she viewed as an effective law-keeping government. The destruction of Alderaan, however, deeply impacted her, and though she was able to justify it in on the surface she clearly didn't fully believe her own rationalization. Following her death, she was long remembered by Ciena Ree, who saw her as a martyr for the Empire. Years later, Ciena thought that Jude would have been horrified to see that the Empire had built a second Death Star. Even Thane Kyrell, who had defected to the Alliance, remembered her fondly and felt saddened by her death, because of which he could never bring himself to speak with Luke Skywalker.[1]

She was described as pale, tall, and willowy.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Jude was a skilled slicer who understood how computer systems and networks operated. As an Imperial cadet, she was also familiar with physical combat and operating blasters.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Jude Edivon first appeared in the novel Lost Stars, which was written by Claudia Gray and released in 2015.

While writing the novel, Gray mentally pictured Jude as being portrayed by Liza Weil.[source?]



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