Juggerhead was the code-name of the Imperial-owned naval yards at Bestine IV which were the secret site of research and development on the TIE torpedo.


Bestine IV was chosen by the Galactic Empire as the site of new, high-security naval shipyards in 3 BBY. Unlike most naval yards, this was to be located directly on the water of Bestine instead of in a zero-gravity environment. Although the shipyard to all outward appearances manufactured shells for Acclamator-class assault ships, it was in reality conducting research and development on the TIE torpedo. To protect the base's secrets, the local populace was displaced. The populace would later go on to join a Rebel cell, although they would be unable to disrupt the Juggerhead naval yards. The naval yards would be abandoned when Bestine joined the New Republic in 9 ABY, although everything of value was removed by evacuating Imperial forces.


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