Jula Shryne was a Human female from Weytta and the smuggler captain of the Drunk Dancer.


Jula was Force-sensitive, but her parents deliberately hid her from the Jedi. Her son, Roan Shryne, was likewise Force-sensitive, and Jula's husband Jen Shryne gave Roan to the Jedi against her will during one of her business trips. As a result, she left Jen.

In 25 BBY, Jula was one of many freelancers contacted by Dooku, under his Sith alias Tyranus, to run communications gear to a complex on Jaguada's moon. Not knowing Tyranus's true identity, or the true intent of the base, she took up the job.

Following Order 66, Jula was briefly reunited with Roan, taking him and other Jedi survivors aboard the Drunk Dancer. During a mission on Alderaan, she was injured by Darth Vader's thrown lightsaber as she and her crew was helping Fang Zar to escape to his home planet aboard their vessel. She survived her injuries and tried convincing Roan to join her crew. Roan, in the end, stayed true to his Jedi nature, giving his life on Kashyyyk to distract Vader long enough for Jula and others to escape the system.



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