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"Jedi Master, I owe you my life."
"It is my privilege to serve you, Queen Julia."
"Perhaps this is a new beginning for the Bardottans and the Jedi."
―Julia and Mace Windu[3]

Julia was a Force-sensitive Bardottan female and the Queen of the planet Bardotta. A member of the Dagoyan Order, one of her closest allies in the Republic Senate was Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks of Naboo. She was kidnapped by the Frangawl Cult during the Clone Wars.


The spiritual Bardotta, ruled by the Dagoyan Order, was neutral during the Clone Wars, but Queen Julia enlisted the help of the Galactic Republic, specifically asking for the help of the Gungan representative Jar Jar Binks. The planet was threatened by an ancient prophecy and therefore Binks' help was requested. Like the other Dagoyans, Julia distrusted the Jedi Order due to an incident in the past, in which the Jedi were labeled kidnappers when they began inducting Force-sensitive Bardottan children into their Order. Despite Julia requesting Binks come alone, the Jedi Master Mace Windu accompanied the representative on his mission.[1]

When Julia was alone with Binks, she kissed him. Julia told him that the Dagoyan Masters were disappearing and were kidnapped by the Frangawl Cult. When Jar Jar left Julia alone to talk to Mace, Julia was kidnapped by the cult. A comlink from one of the guards informed Mace and Jar Jar what had happened. The Bardottan explained that Julia believed that a shrine of the cult existed under one of the temples. In this sanctuary there used to be Malmourral, a demon worshipped by the Frangawl.[1]

When Jar Jar and Mace entered the catacombs, Jar Jar was also kidnapped by one of the cult members. Through his comlink Mace, however, could follow the trail of the Gungan. Julia was indeed detained and neither Mace nor Jar Jar were able to save her. They had to watch the cult leader spirit the Queen away to Zardossa Stix, a moon of Bardotta.[1]

Julia and her kidnappers traveled to Zardossa Stix and were chased by Windu and Binks through the desert. On top of a pyramidical structure, Julia was brought to be sacrificed on behalf of the Great Mother, namely the Nightsister Talzin, who sought to combine Julia's energy with a magical ball of the cult which was filled with the stolen essence of the Dagoyan Masters.[3]

Julia watched Mace and Jar Jar fight the Stone guardians and the cultists in an attempt to reach her. As Mother Talzin and Windu dueled, Jar Jar went to save Julia, but instead of Julia, Jar Jar was now in place to be sacrificed. Julia, however pushed Jar Jar away just in time so that the leader of the sect was the victim. The magic sphere broke, creating a huge explosion. Julia, Jar Jar, and Mace took cover but the blast killed the cultists and Talzin herself was turned into green smoke.[3]

Julia thanked Jar Jar Binks on her balcony and said the actions of Mace Windu had convinced her that the Jedi Order and the Bardottans could begin anew. He then kissed her again passionately.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Julia first appeared in "The Disappeared, Part I," the eighth episode of the sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She was voiced by Ami Shukla.[1]


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