"That doesn't sound good. How angry will Princess Leia be?»
«That depends on what he's smashing. If it's the singing lamp the Jumerians gave her as a wedding present, she might even thank him."
Mallatobuck and Chewbacca upon hearing their son, translated=1|Lumpawaroo, ransacking the Solos' apartment[3]

The Jumerians were a sentient species[1] from the Jumeria system[2] of the Core Worlds[4] and members of the New Republic.[1] By the year 8 ABY,[5] they had presented Princess Leia Organa Solo with a singing lamp as a wedding gift. Although she found the item repugnant, she kept it in the Coruscanti apartment she shared with her husband, Han Solo.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Jumerians were first mentioned in the eBook novel A Forest Apart, written by Troy Denning and published in 2003.[3]



Notes and references[]

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