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The JumpMaster 5000,[3] also known as the JM-5000 Jumpmaster Long Range Scout,[2] or colloquially as simply the JM-5K,[3] was a scout ship designed by Corellian Engineering Corporation.[1][2]



A schematic of a stock JumpMaster

The JumpMaster was designed to be a small one-person vessel capable of long-range scouting and reconnaissance duties over lengthy amounts of time, allowing a single crew member to travel for extended periods in relative comfort, with limited room for other passengers.[3][2] Flat and crescent-shaped, the hull of the ship was packed with powerful and highly sensitive sensor systems that possessed incredible range.[2] An off-set cylindrical fuselage housed the craft's spartan living quarters, cargo-hold, power generators, and drive system.[3] Relatively lightly armored, JumpMaster's relied on sheer speed and agility - coupled with their powerful sensors - to avoid trouble.[2]

While performing admirably in most regards, the JumpMaster was hobbled by a hyperdrive system that was both slow and prone to breakdowns.[3] Owing to the versatility of a CEC design, however, the craft was extremely modifiable; as a result the first modification done to the craft was often a faster and more reliable hyperdrive engine.[3] Beyond this, the craft was equipped with two hard points for modification,[2] and could be substantially modified with vastly improved shields and significant increased firepower - as Dengar did with the Punishing One.[3]


Designed during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, the JumpMaster was mostly used to scout new hyperspace routes and map newly discovered systems.[3] Indeed, their primary users were the Civilian Astrogation Corps, who used the craft to make sure navigation charts were up to date.[2] That said, due to their speed and powerful sensors, it was not uncommon to find JumpMasters in planetary militias, serving as picket ships and early warning patrol craft.[2]

Notable usersEdit

Punishing One JKTCG

The Punishing One, an infamous JumpMaster 5000

Perhaps the most infamous user of a JumpMaster was the bounty hunter Dengar, who flew a modified JumpMaster 5000 during the Galactic Civil War, named Punishing One.[4] The Punishing One was substantially modified from stock, with Dengar adding a quad laser cannon, an Ion cannon, and a proton torpedo launcher in addition to a cutting-edge engine bay that drastically increased the ship's speed.[1] Dengar further modified the ship so that an R2-series astromech droid brain could independently operate the quad guns, allowing Dengar to fly the ship without having to worry about firing back.[1]



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