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PhaseIIDkTrooper BF

A Phase Zero dark trooper with a jump pack

A jump pack was an aerial transportation device that rocketed the user into the air for about 2 seconds before slowly descending back onto the ground. Unlike jetpacks, jump packs did not allow for maximum mobility or control in the air, although the user could control where they landed in a certain area as they fell. They were utilized mostly for quick escapes, surprise attacks, or to travel great distances in a short amount of time. When used for long jumps, these jump packs soared the wearer in an angle before descending back towards the ground at a usually congruent angle. Doing so allowed the user to cover distances about up to 20 meters at the peak of its jump. Moreover, the jump packs could also be used to gain the higher ground, thus giving the jumper an advantageous position. The jump packs were a form of jet packs utilized by Phase Zero dark troopers of the Galactic Empire. A normal being's legs would be broken by the landing.

Some were also in use by Renegade Squadron members.


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