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Luke Skywalker wearing a jumpsuit

A jumpsuit, also known as overalls or coveralls, was a term for any one-piece garment which covered much of the body excluding the head, hands, and feet. Jumpsuits were designed to protect the body of its wearer and to provide maximal mobility on ground-based missions in addition to obvious advantages for starfighter piloting. They also came in a variety of colors ranging from orange, green, white, black, or blue.

Since they were often comfortable and came equipped with numerous pockets and could be used for a variety of roles, they were used for a variety of dangerous operations including intensive labor and combat operations. They were also commonly used by a range of organizations ranging from the armed forces of various galactic governments like the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, New Republic, and Galactic Alliance to orders like the Jedi who found them to be flexible enough to accommodate their unique fighting styles and highly practical in the combat scenarios in which they increasingly served. Known variants included: the Combat jumpsuit, the Tuff1 Combat Jumpsuit, and the Rebel flight suit.

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