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"Efforts to either relocate the Banshee should be taken immediately if we are to ensure the security of the Sandwind cell."
Adazian Liebke[src]

The Jundland Banshee was a mysterious Tusken Raider that operated in the Jundland Wastes on the planet Tatooine. Acting alone, this Tusken Raider would attack settlements in and around the wastes, earning a reputation as a fearsome warrior. His nickname was inspired by a haunting cry that he would deliver during his attacks.


"The Sandwind team cannot stop the Banshee themselves. If anything is to be done, it is suggested that the Rebels pose as bounty hunters from Mos Eisley brought in by the farmers to solve the problem."
Tay Vanis[src]

According to information gathered by Rebel agents on the planet Tatooine, the Jundland Banshee was a Tusken Raider who had either been abandoned or banished by his tribe. However, he had retained his bantha mount, and he used it to roam the Tatooine Jundland Wastes. Working by himself, the Banshee attacked a small settlement on the outskirts of Motesta, a town within the Jundland Wastes. The Banshee also terrorized settlers all along the Arnthout Pass. These attacks usually involved the theft of food and provisions, but on one occasion he destroyed a moisture farmer's Treadwell droids. Although these attacks only targeted the settler population, he made no friends with his fellow Sand People. On several occasions, the Banshee was witnessed in open combat with other Tusken Raiders. These tribes had recognized that the Banshee might trigger a settler backlash, resulting in the slaughter of Tusken Raiders, and they hoped to stop the Banshee and deter a possible massacre.

Rebel agents eventually decided to target the Banshee. An undercover team of eleven Rebel operatives, the Sandwind Team were working undercover at a moisture farm in Motesta. The disruption caused by the Jundland Banshee threatened to bring an Imperial presence to the Jundland Wastes and expose the Sandwind Team. Since the Sandwind Team was responsible for coordinating Rebel activity throughout the Arkanis sector, discovery of the team would badly compromise Rebel operations in the area. As a result, the Rebels made it a priority to stop the Jundland Banshee. Pursuit of the Banshee by the Sandwind Team proved ineffectual. Two members of the Sandwind Team, Agents Carlio and Swanze spotted the Jundland Banshee in Beggar's Canyon and Nomad Gulch but were unable to apprehend him, and the Tusken Raider ended up destroying several comm emplacements used by the Sandwind operatives.

Due to the Sandwind Team's failure to stop the Jundland Banshee, Alliance operative Tay Vanis suggested that other Rebels should attempt to stop the Banshee. In order to dissuade Imperial attention, Vanis suggested that any Rebels pursuing the Tusken Raider should pose as bounty hunters brought in by the disgruntled moisture farmers.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Though only a single being, this 'Jundland Banshee' could bring about the destruction of a vital Alliance intelligence network."
Agent Tiree, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

The Jundland Banshee was a violent individual known for attacking settlers on Tatooine. His motivations were unclear, as he was known to attack even his own people. However Alliance operatives had deduced that the Banshee had probably been exiled from his tribe. During his attacks, the Banshee would give off a frightening wail, which inspired his nickname. Alongside his skill of riding a bantha, the Jundland Banshee was proficient with several weapons, and he was known to use a gaderffii and a blaster carbine.

The Rebel Alliance's SecuriDex categorized the Jundland Banshee's threat level at low to medium based on information from Sandwind Team leader, N'tain Xalis. However, both Tay Vanis and Adazian Liebke, Rebel agents who had previous interactions with the Sandwind Team, Adazian Liebke, believed that possible exposure of the Sandwinds would be disastrous to Rebel operations in the sector. As a result, the two Rebels believed that capture or relocation of the maverick Tusken Raider should be made a priority.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Jundland Banshee was created for the West End Games' sourcebook, Alliance Intelligence Reports. The Banshee serves as a gaming hook for potential players of the roleplaying game. Players of the game can be sent after the Banshee to stop him from revealing the whereabouts of the Sandwind Team. The sex of the Jundland Banshee is stated to be "presumed to be male" in Alliance Intelligence Reports, but further information about the Banshee uses solely male pronouns. This presumably leaves open the possibility for roleplayers to discover that the Tusken Raider is perhaps female.


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