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Jungle of Devaron

A jungle on Devaron

A jungle was a type of ecosystem common across settled space. It was characterized by dense vegetation, high rainfall, and tropical climates. Many jungles were home to a large variety of plant and animal life. Typically, forests thrived at lower temperatures than jungles.[1]

Planets with jungle environments included Akiva,[2] Coyerti,[3] D'Qar,[4] Devaron,[5] Iakar,[6] Indoumodo,[7] Isobe,[8] Ithor,[9] Felucia,[10] Konkiv,[11] Oliu,[12] Onderon,[13] Hissrich,[14] Numidian Prime,[15] Radhii,[16] Sarka,[17] Sesid,[18] Son-tuul,[19] Trandosha,[20] Twon Ketee,[21] Xirl,[22] Vodran,[23] Moraga,[24] and Zeitooine.[25]

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