The Jungle Vault was a subterranean cantina located on the resort world of Vaynai.


The cantina was built into a hand-carved cavern at the intersection of several cave networks. Patrons entered the establishment through a fortified, automatic door at the surface. The caves were graced with myriad plant life, giving the cantina an authentic jungle feel. Plant upkeep was tedious business - specialized grow lamps were needed to maintain proper plant growth. Holes were drilled into the rock to bring in natural sunlight.


The Jungle Vault was owned and operated by the Whuvumm in the years following the collapse of the Republic. The cantina catered to all sorts of individuals, from corrupt aristocrats to smugglers. Local patrons readily volunteered to help out the diligent Ithorian. Whuvumm felt no need to hire bouncers or guards, instead relying on the general populace for peace keeping. Dense foliage and the constant trickling of water made the Jungle Vault a prime spot for private meetings.


Sea creatures such as glaav were a staple part of the Vaynai diet, and likely found their way to the cantina menu. In addition to serving ale, bread may have been a featured item. According to Ithorian etymologists, the surname "Whuvumm" translates to "bread-maker".


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