Junior Jedi Knights: Kenobi's Blade is the sixth and final book in the Star Wars: Junior Jedi Knights series.


Publisher's summary[]

Anakin Solo is now eleven—and headed for the Jedi academy! The Force is very strong with him—he can feel it. And his uncle Luke thinks it is time for him to start his training…

Uldir, Anakin's classmate at the Jedi academy, wants to be a Jedi more than anything. But he can't even lift a feather with the Force. He thinks he knows how he can learn faster: the Holocron.

The Holocron is a cube that holds all the secrets of the ancient Jedi Masters. By "borrowing" it, along with Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber, Uldir believes he will become a powerful Jedi Knight!

Now Anakin—along with Tahiri, R2-D2, Tionne and the Jedi Master Ikrit—must race across the galaxy to find Uldir. If they don't, Uldir could be killed. And Kenobi's blade and the holocron will fall into the hands of a very evil man

Plot summary[]

Tionne has invited Anakin, Tahiri, and Uldir to join her as she explores the lessons in the Holocron they got from Bast Castle. Asli Krimsan, the Jedi Master in the Holocron, tells them about a Jedi Library held on Exis Station. Uldir recalls this as the place that the Mage Orloc said he was from. Tionne tells them that she and Luke had explored the station years ago and that the library was gone. As the Holocron shuts down, Tionne and Ikrit decided to let Luke decide what to do with it when he returns from Coruscant rather than to continue on with the lessons. Uldir was frustrated with this because he feels like he isn't progressing in the Force fast enough.

That night, Uldir dreamed of the Holocron and Exis Station. He woke up, worried that he isn't capable of becoming a Jedi Knight since he still can't use the Force like the others can. He decided that the he needed to use the Holocron to learn. Uldir sneaked into Luke's vacant bedroom and stole the Holocron and Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber. Uldir tried and failed to activate the Holocron and so he decided to go to find Orloc on Exis Station so that the Mage could teach him. Uldir steals Ikrit's ship, the Sunrider, and flies off to Exis Station.

Using the skills his cargo ship pilot parents taught him, Uldir successfully reached Exis Station. There, he was quickly captured by a group of droids and Ranats who serve Orloc. They brought him to Orloc who agreed to train Uldir in exchange for the Holocron and the lightsaber. Orloc failed to activate the Holocron as well. Embarrassed, he instead decided to teach Uldir to use the Force. Following Orloc's instructions, Uldir appeared to be able to turn on the lights, lift heavy plasteel slabs, and even conjure thunder, lightning, and rain.

The day after his escape, Tahiri discovered Uldir's disappearance. That night, Tionne, Ikrit, Anakin, Tahiri, and Artoo set off in Tionne's ship, the Lore Seeker, to go find Uldir at Exis Station. As they disembarked the ship, they were ambushed by Orloc's droids. The group fled deeper into the station. Artoo helps them escape up a ladder but is left behind and captured. After a brief rest in a supply hold, the group encounters a gathering of Ranats. They are spotted and quickly defeat a few Ranats, causing the others to retreat.

Anakin lead the group through an air duct towards Uldir. They find him and Orloc surrounded by Orloc's Ranat servants and Artoo captured with a restraining bolt. Up in the air duct, Anakin and Tahiri realize that Uldir's thunder, lightning, and rain trick was actually just created through the use of speakers, flickering lights, and safety sprinklers. When they discovered this, the air duct grate falls and the group fall down into the room below. Uldir angrily confronted them, wanting them to leave but not be harmed. Tionne asked for the stolen objects to be returned and Anakin and Tahiri plead with Uldir to return with them. They tried to show him that his supposed Force powers were actually just Orloc's tricks but Uldir didn't believe them. Orloc told Uldir that the children were lying and commanded his forces to attack them.

Anakin, Tahiri, Tionne, and Ikrit manage to flee into Orloc's laboratory where he manufactures all of his magic tricks. Orloc, the Ranats, and his droids enter in behind them and Orloc commands them to fight. Ikrit encountered Uldir as he entered with Artoo and tried to show him that Orloc was just using technology to perform his magic. Uldir still refused to believe him and simply watched as the battle took place.

Orloc ordered his forces to target Tionne first. Anakin and Tahiri used the Force to throw debris at the droids attacking her and they destroyed several of them. Orloc activated an electric trap, electrocuting Tionne and severely injuring her. Anakin and Tahiri helped her lay down behind cover from the remaining droids attacking them. Anakin took Tionne's lightsaber and threw it over to Ikrit. Ikrit activated the blade and charged forward to meet Orloc, who was wielding Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber. Ikrit was able to quickly disarm the man.

Uldir finally realized that Orloc was tricking him and that his magic wasn't real. He charged at the final assassin droid that was targeting them. He managed to throw his Jedi robes over the droid, blocking its sensors, but was shot in the shoulder. Anakin and Tahiri used the Force to smash the droid against the wall of the laboratory, disabling the droid.

Anakin summoned Obi-Wan's lightsaber to himself and charged at Orloc. He cut off the silver spangles on Orloc's robes, recognizing that these were what controlled his "magic." Orloc quickly escaped the room in a puff of smoke but everyone decided to let him leave. The group recovered both Obi-Wan's lightsaber and the Holocron. Uldir led the group back to the Lore Seeker and piloted the ship back to Yavin 4.

A week later, Uldir has packed his bags and is ready to leave the Jedi academy. He realized that he actually enjoys flying, just not the cargo shuttle flying that his parents do. He told Anakin and Tahiri that he was going to become an emergency pilot on Coruscant: helping people during disasters, flying old or difficult ships, and delivering important medical supplies. Uldir was glad that he would be helping people, just like the Jedi do. Luke comforted Uldir, telling him that his actions aboard Exis Station show that he trusted in the Force and that perhaps he did learn to use the Force a bit.


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