Junior Jedi Knights: Lyric's World is the second book in the Star Wars: Junior Jedi Knights series, written by Nancy Richardson and published by Boulevard in January 1996.


Publisher's summary[]

Anakin Solo is now eleven—and headed for the Jedi academy! The Force is very strong with him—he can feel it. And his uncle Luke thinks it is time for him to start his training…

Anakin and Tahiri are off on an adventure to the distant moon of Yavin 8! There they will help their alien friend Lyric join the "elders", the adults of her race. To do it, she must go through a strange and wonderful change. And when it is over, Lyric won't look anything like her old self.

But Anakin and Tahiri are in for an even bigger surprise. Deep within the caves of Lyric's world are carvings that match the ones they back in the temple on Yavin 4. If they can read them, they might be able to break the curse of the mysterious Golden Globe and defeat the dark side of the Force!

But there is something waiting for them down in the caves. Something large and dangerous. And it will take more than the Force to defeat it!

Plot summary[]

Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila meet a young Melodie named Lyric at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum and quickly become friends. Lyric has to soon return to her home planet, Yavin 8, to undergo the Changing Ceremony to become an Elder. Before leaving, she sees Anakin writing down the carved symbols he saw in the Palace of the Woolamander. Lyric tells Anakin and Tahiri that she has seen these symbols back on Yavin 8 in the nest of an Avril. Anakin and Tahiri managed to convince Luke to let them go to Yavin 8 with Lyric.

Peckhum transported the trio aboard the Lightning Rod to Yavin 8. Peckhum, who was meant to supervise the trip, forgot that he had important medical supplies to transport. Anakin convinces him to let them continue on while Peckhum returns to his ship to deliver the important supplies. Immediately after, an avril attacked the trio and flew off with Lyric in its talons. Anakin and Tahiri climb the mountain to reach the avril's nest where they rescue Lyric by Anakin using the Force to trick the avril into believing Anakin is one of its young.

Anakin and Tahiri carry Lyric away and meet up with a group of young Melodies who are tasked with protecting the Melodies who are going through the Changing Ceremony. They reached a cove and deposited Lyric in the special pool covered in blue-green Algae for the Changing Ceremony. Anakin and Tahiri defend Melodie eggs from a group of Raiths and meet a young Force-sensitive Melodie named Sannah. The group returned back to the pool when an enormous Reel attacked. The reel constricted around Tahiri which forced Anakin to slowly stop the creature's heart, killing it.

The Changing Ceremony is completed and now the young Melodies have to carry the Changelings to the crystal waters where the elder Melodies live. Sannah manages to protect the group from an attacking Raith by using the Force to guide her movements. The group reaches the crystal waters and the elder Melodies joyfully reunite with the Changelings.

Lyric takes Anakin and Tahiri with her father, Gyle, deep into the waters to meet an old Melodie named Aragon. Using the Force, Anakin helps him remember the translation of some carved symbols which are similar to the ones in the Palace of the Woolamander. It reveals that the Massassi wrote these messages and that the evil Exar Kun trapped the spirits of their children in the Golden Globe. Anakin and Tahiri, guided by Sannah, set off to find the carved symbols so that they can match them to the translation that Aragon gave them.

Sannah drops Anakin and Tahiri off at the entrance of a Purella's cave deep within the mountain. Anakin and Tahiri are attacked by the giant arachnid and are incapacitated by its venom. The purella attached them to its web, leaving them for later. Anakin and Tahiri use the Force to bounce the web back and forth, tripping up the purella and getting it stuck on the sticky parts of the web. Tahiri cut herself and Anakin free. The pair find the carved symbols and copy them down. Sannah leads the pair out of the cave and back to where they first landed on Yavin 8. Peckhum is waiting for them with his shuttle.

Anakin and Tahiri bring Sannah back with them to Yavin 4 so that she can be trained as a Jedi Knight. Luke agrees to let Sannah stay at the Jedi Praxeum and to study to become a Jedi Knight. Sannah reveals to Anakin and Tahiri that on Yavin 8, everything is written top to bottom rather than left to right. Anakin translates the message he found in the Palace of the Woolamander and learns that only children, strong in the force, dedicated to the battle of good over evil, can save the spirits of the trapped Massassi children inside of the Golden Globe.


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Behind the scenes[]

Anakin Solo is mistakenly referred to as Anakin Skywalker at the very beginning of the first chapter. Another typo in the book is a missing space between "Recalling" and "places" on page 12. Not only there, but another typo can be spotted on page 12, where yet another space is missing between "skill" and "he'd".

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