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This article is about the species from Lotho Minor. You may be looking for the YT-2400 light freighter.
"Ah. The Junkers. Junkers. Strange folk."

The Junkers were a species that lived on the junk planet of Lotho Minor. They inhabited the planet Lotho Minor for centuries, and were armed with usually a blaster rifle or anything that was "salvageable."


The native origin of the Junkers was unknown, but it was known that they were scavengers who searched for scrap metals and wore cybernetics to replace several body parts.

Savage VS Junkers

Savage Opress fights the herd of Junkers on Lotho Minor, while searching for his brother.

Around 21 BBY, a tribe of Junkers ambushed Morley and Savage Opress, but failed after Savage and Morley defeated them and forced the remaining to retreat. There were also dead Junkers hung in Darth Maul's lair.

In 2 ABY beings known as "junkers" were present on a artificial Ship graveyard planetoid attempting to salvage the damaged luxury liner Reverie.



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